Kitty Smackdown

After my last maudlin, self pitying post, I thought it was time for a little levity. Leave it to the "kits", Molly and Oscar for some comic relief.

She might look sweet, but Molly can be quite the little bomb throwing instigator when she wants to be.
Oscar may look like a jovial sort of guy, but, he can mix it up with the best of them.

Here they are jockeying for position in the dining room window. This is usually Molly's perch so Oscar crossed the line by jumping in the window and flaunting it in front of Molly.

There goes the paw. She is not happy! Oscar will have to pay for his indiscretion.

A right hook from Molly. Well, a girl has to stand her ground!

And he was actually shocked! Watch out Oscar that paw is still moving!

Molly was the winner of Round One. She gets to stay in the window.

Of course, Oscar found a window just as nice in the living room. Lots more to look at from this vantage point.
So the battle continues, who will be the alpha cat in the residence? Stay tuned for Round Two!


Allidink said…
Hahaha! I love cats. My two cats have daily fights! They younger one, which is also the newer one, just can't leave my older cat alone! Silly cats. Yours are sooo cute! This was a funny little story :) lol.

All the best,
kayellen said…
Molly is sooo adorable!!!

Thanks for the visit:) I have have missed 3 days at the re-model.
Anxious to go back tomorrow.

Have a great week:)

Fete et Fleur said…
Your cats are ADORABLE! I just read the post below. I'm so glad you are doing well. WOW! It looks scary. Thank goodness you were in a large car. I'm hoping you get your do over weekend soon.

Michelle said…
Hilarious! I can SO relate. LOL! Mocha is usually ALL talk and Emma is the instigator and Quincy just plain brat. LOL! Have a great weekend!!
Anonymous said…
Well I am very late in catching up, but I am very sorry to hear about your accident, and hope that you are okay now. Your cats are of course, adorable, and would bring a smile and warm feeling to anyone's heart. Have a wonderful weekend, and give the kitties a nice scratch for me.
Sweet Sage said…
Your kits are ADORABLE!
They are so blessed to have you.
♥Mimi♥ said…
Molly is adorable and just as...uhm, b*tchy, as my cat, Camille. She thinks her litter box doesn't stink☺
Yarni Gras! said…
so neat to see the photos in order like just anticipated what was to come! haha!

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