Just a Quick Post

Just a quick post today. I wanted to share some photos from my recent trip to Concord, Massachusetts. I drive by this house every time I head into Concord Center and I always say to myself "Stop the car and snap some photos" but I never do. Well, last week I finally stopped.

Isn't this house the coolest? I love the heavy glass on the windows and the reflections are so interesting.

The greenery grows like crazy. It seems to be taking over the house! But in an artful way of course!

If I could have unhinged the gate, I would have taken it home with me. Just kidding, I'm not into stealing so a photo will have to suffice.

I swear that little chipmunk was not there when I first photographed the planter and he sat so still I thought he wasn't even real! He sat there for quite a while during the photo shoot.

This statue was in the back of a church which is next door to the house. I thought she had a serenity about her. Something we all could use I'm sure.
I hope you enjoyed le petit house tour.
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Allidink said…
Great photos! :) I love when plants grow up on houses like that.

All the best,
Sea Angels said…
Gorgeous house, I like it when greenery encroaches it give the place an enchanted look, and the statue of Our Lady is beautiful..I have always desired one like this and just as large for my home....dreams dreams
Thanks for all of those lovely pictures, ooh must not forget to say your banner is lovely
Hugs Lynn xx
Michelle said…
What a gorgeous house! Absolutely love how the greenery grows. Cute little chipmunk too. I can't wait to visit back East!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Lady Katherine said…
Love the house photos! I want the gate! Will you go back and get it for me! lol No, the picture will have to do! lol
Stephanie said…
Ooooh....I love your blog!! Love the header pic, so serene! Cute kitties...so much to look at.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi.
Alicia said…
Well thank you for hitting the brakes. A stunner!!!
John said…
Great images. The greens and whites are pleasant to view.


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