Full Flower Moon and Pink Saturday

Welcome to all Pink Saturday participants. I am combining my Pink post with some photos I took in Concord today. My friend Lori Lee and I decided to do lunch and shopping but first we visited this cemetery. We both love to look at old gravestones.

The carvings are so beautiful on these old stones.

Many of them were very ornate and I loved all the angels.

The full moon name of May is the Full Flower Moon. Quite simply, May brings bright brushes to paint the earth canvas with infinite flowers. In the full moon light of this month, the flowers are said to grow at night, and even dance in honor of the moon. (info from What's-Your-Sign.com)
For my pink post I focused on the profusion of pink flowering trees I saw this week. Winchester had some beauties.

This was taken along the path of the Duck Pond. Don't ask me to identify the species.

Again, lots of pinks at the Duck Pond.

Some of the pink blooms were so delicate.

But one branch was so heavy it almost hit the sidewalk!

Peaceful scene by the Pond.

Another shot from Concord. It was a gorgeous Spring day. I introduced Lori Lee to Nesting on Main, my new favorite shop. Sunshine after a cloudy, rainy week, warm temperatures, a fabulous day to take off from work.
Thanks to Beverly of How Sweet the Sound for coordinating Pink Saturday. Click on the Pink Saturday button on the sidebar to see a list of participants.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you hard working moms. I hope you have a relaxing weekend.


Unknown said…
What beautiful pink blossoms! Happy Pink Saturday! :)
Allidink said…
Oh how nice! You took great pictures! I love old cemeteries too. The coolest one I ever saw was an ooold cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland.

All the best,
Beverly said…
Happy Pink Saturday, Elaine. I added your link to my post, but I wanted to let you know that I didn't receive an e-mail response from you that you were going to participate.

My husband and I enjoy viewing the wonderful old grave markers, too.
kayellen said…
Happy Pink Saturday!!!

Beautiful Elaine!
Love the duck pond!!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with your family:)

What a beautiful pink tour!

Claudia said…
Such lovely flowers! Happy Pink Saturday!
These photos are gorgeous and so serene. Simply amazing! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. Have a wonderful weekend!

God Bless,
Char said…
The florals are pretty and I know what you mean about history and reading the stones, Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mothers Day too, Char
RobinfromCA said…
Beautiful blossoms! I've seen some interesting old grave markers too. Such history.

Happy Pink Saturday!
Unknown said…
Came back over to say thank you for the sweet comment on my blog post about the tatted baby booties! :)
I loved your pink post! And I have always thought cemeteries were fascinating places too. My most memorable one was the Jewish cemetery in Prague. Happy belated Pink Saturday and Mother's Day today. ~ Lynn
Sea Angels said…
I love those gravestones, they sit like book covers to this life..strange and enigmatic all those secrets...
Hope your cold is feeling better, and has not left you feeling low.
Thankyou for your lovely comments
Hugs Lynn xx
Just how beautiful is that blossom.xx
Debby said…
So many beautiful pink blossoms! I love looking at the old stones also. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

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