Sunday Brunch at Aroma Cafe

Today was a gorgoeus Spring day. Actually it seemed more like Summer. It has been abnormally warm for the past two days.

My sister and I decided to go to Sunday brunch. One of our favorite places for brunch is the Aroma Cafe in Reading, Massachusetts. It's located right in the downtown area at 607 Main St.

I love the decor in the place. The color purple is predominant. The wood color plays off the shades of purple. Isn't the floor cool?

Here's my breakfast. My sister got the same thing. It's our favorite, even Linda, our server knows it. She said next time she won't even bring us menus. So it's called Eggs in the Hearts. It's two eggs over easy inside herb buttered toast. The cutout hearts make the dish visually pleasing. The lacy potatoes, delicious. Some of them are browned to perfection. And nice colorful fruit salad gives the plate color. You wouldn't want too much beige would you?
Great food at this place and excellent service. Linda is the best! Weekdays, I sometimes go there for a Vermont Goat Cheese Salad. The salad has mixed greens, roasted red peppers, toasted pecans, red onions, goat cheese, and ranch dressing. Yum!!

On the ride home, my sister commented that just the other day there were no flowers in bloom and now we have blossoms everywhere. Since she was driving, I was able to take a photo of this blue house with pretty white blossoming tree.

Here's a closer look at the delicate flowers on the tree. Spring is here, indeed!


Allidink said…
Wow what a great breakfast! Sounds yummy! How nice that everything is blooming now! That picture is nice!

All the best,
Michelle said…
That breakfast looks amazing! It's kind of a variation of egg in a hole, huh? :) But that herb bread looks so yummy! That house looks like something I should live in. I so want to visit Massachusettes. I'm just afraid I may not leave!
Salmagundi said…
Yummy looking brunch! And your pictures were delicious, also. Sally

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