Easter Weekend

Saturday morning I took a little trip to Concord. Aren't the flowers cheerful?There's my favorite store. Oh, I'll just take a quick peek. It's been a month. Maybe there's something new.

Oh yeah I stopped outside Nesting to take a photo of this bike. Cute!

Here's a view from the alley way. It was kind of a dreary and chilly day. Actually the sun was in and out.

The pussywillows make an egg shape. Pretty, huh?

Window box outside Nesting and a view of Main St. All fake flowers. It's been too cold for anything to grow in these parts.

A selection of mirrors at Nesting.

I would love to have this table and chair set.

They have lots of signs with interesting quotes.

I left Nesting and went to La Patisserie in Winchester. I was looking for some Easter desserts.
These were too cute!

Oh yum! I had to get a few of these. 1 purple, 1 yellow.

Chocolate eggs all in a row. One for me please!

Back home, I put the frame and the Easter postcard I bought at Nesting on my table. Such a sweet face on the little girl.

This was how we started Easter mornng. A standoff between Molly and Oscar. the kitty litter was about to fly!

First, church and then over to Dad's for Easter Brunch. I made an overnight french toast. I assembled it the night before Easter and baked it on Easter.

We all visited Mom at the nursing home. They had a dessert buffet with a chocolate fountain. Mom loves chocolate! I get my chocoholic tendencies from her.

Back home again, Oscar was doing all sorts of tricks. He's quite the contortionist. He has the longest legs I've ever seen on a cat.

Oh, he wants some attention. He loves this spot when the afternoon sun hits the kitchen.

He's looking for food. He's always looking for food.

Molly says, "Where's my baked French toast?"
Sorry Molly, no carb overload for you.
That's it. End of the weekend. It was great but short!


Allidink said…
Oh Molly and Oscar are soooo cute!!! All those pictures are so great! I want a little petit four now LOL

All the best,
Unknown said…
Lovely shop! Thanks for sharing. Those kitties are adorable! :)
Yarni Gras! said…
Elaine, you always have the most lovely posts! I love those little stores *sigh*
BTW, thank you SO much for the sweet Easter ecard! It was precious!
Michelle said…
Love your post! I think I was meant to live in New England. I love everything about it. Molly and Oscar crack me up!! I love the last one of Molly yelling for her food. LOL!! Glad you had a wonderful Easter!
Great post! Your French toast looks amazing...
You are so lucky to have those wonderful stores nearby for inspiration!
Ali x
Salmagundi said…
I really liked the use of the pussy willows in those planters. Must remember that!! Hope your Easter was as joyous as it appeared. Sally
Sweet Sage said…
LOVED this post ..
what an awesome weekend, from the food, to the shops, and those adorable kitties .. a sweet life indeed!!
I need to visit your neck of the woods! :)
kayellen said…
Looks like an amazing Easter for you and your family:)

Beautiful Capture of the season!

Hugs to you from California,

Anouna said…
I loved the cats, their are so beautiful. I´m from Santiado of Chile. I like you site blog.
Donna said…
Oscar and Molly are just too cute for words! I definitely should try to make time for a trip to the Concord shop you've been posting about... Now about that French toast make-ahead breakfast... Any chance you're willing to share that recipe? I know my family would LOVE it!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage
Lady Katherine said…
I love the food! The pussy willow egg! I love the chocolate fountain! I want one so bad. I like to have that table and chairs too, as a tree fell and took mine out! Where did you buy your chocolate fountiain?

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