A Birthday Tea for Lady Katherine

Come right in. You're just in time. Although there's been a slight change in plans. We're not staying home. We're taking a little trip but not just yet.
Mr. Rabbit has a special message for Lady Katherine of Lady Katherine Tea Parlor. She is having a birthday on April 5th and she wants everyone to celebrate with her by having a tea party. I'm from Boston so we really know how to throw a tea party (no pun intended).

Earlier in the day, I brought out my best teacups for the party. I thought Lady Katherine could choose her favorite.

Cupcakes and petit fours were supposed to be here, covering this whole plate.

I'm sure my tea rack has the perfect tea for the occasion. There it is can you see it?

It's Harney and Sons Queen Catherine Black Tea. This is absolutely the tea for
the party.

Are paper napkins gauche at a tea party? Not if they're this pretty!

Let's make sure everyone gets a strainer this time. We don't want anyone to have grounds in their cup. Ok, we have the tea but back to the food, where is it? Unfortunately, too many late nights at work and poor planning on my part. Please don't think I'm a horrible person. I have a Plan B, really! I know a fabulous place that will make the day even more special than tea at my house. I called ahead and they're awaiting our arrival.

We'll just hop on that little turquoise boat and we're off to the Island of Martha's Vineyard.
Our destination- the English Butler Tearoom in Edgartown.

They do such a great job with their presentation. Don't you love those butterfly sandwiches?
Yum, strawberry cream cheese.

Scones, warm from the oven. You can practically smell them from outside.

Finally, a cup of tea. My favorite, Earl Grey. You can keep the lemon curd right there because I am going to load up my scone. Oh, I'm sorry Lady Katherine, you first!

Such pretty decor, I could just sit here all day. But there's lots to see on the Island and the shopping! Fabulous! I'll pay the check and we'll be on our way.

Oh, let's give the butler a tip so we can take his photo.
See, Plan B wasn't so bad after all.
I know I had a great time. I hope you all did too! Especially you Lady Katherine, I hope this birthday is your happiest ever!


Allidink said…
Aw how neat! Everything looks simply marvelous dahling lol.

All the best,
~CC Catherine said…
Chatelaine, This was absolutely lovely and Lady Katherine will be blessed! I love your tea cups! I have a vast collection and I have many favorites, but I see some on your table that I don't have. Aren't they just the most fun to share with those you care about? Happy Sunday Chatelaine! ;) ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"
Unknown said…
What an absolutely lovely post! I had a delightful time, thank you! Happy Birthday to Lady Katherine! :)
Martha said…
Love your tea cups -- but I love all tea cups! What a neat way to store your tea -- mine is on a shelf in my pantry cupboard and I have to dig through it each time I want to make a pot! Your tea room food looks divine -- got hungry just looking at it!
I've never been much of a tea person but I could certainly make an exception!

I'd also like some of that lemon curd and a scone too please. Then we'll sit and enjoy the view from Edgartown. How I long to return to Martha's Vineyard. One day soon.
Salmagundi said…
Going out to tea is almost as good as having it at your house. Loved the glimpse of your tea things. Sally
Melissa Miller said…
Hello Chatelaine, :)
It's so nice to meet you. Your blog is wonderful! Thank you for visiting mine and your kindness.
I really appreciate it.

How lovely!
You have created a beautiful and memorable presentation for dear Lady Katherine.
It's so elegant.
I know she will appreciate it very much.

Do you mind sharing the source of your adorable tea caddy? It is neat!
I would love to have one as well.

Have a blessed evening.
Come and visit me anytime.
~Melissa :)
Elaine said…

Thank you for all your sweet comments.

Melissa- the tea rack/caddy is from
Harney and Sons Teas. www.harney.com and click on tea accessories. You'll find it there.
Michelle said…
Oh you had tea too!! Gosh it all looks so delicious! I want that plate with the cupcakes on it too.
kayellen said…
So pretty!!!
I want to come to your party!

Beautiful teacups!

Melissa Miller said…
Thank you very much for letting me know. I will
check them out.

Have a wonderful evening.
~Melissa :)
What a wonderful tea party you had for Lady K...I am so sorry she could't make our parties we all did for her..thanks for sharing...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria
Pat McIntosh said…
What a magical party!
I was born in Boston, but grew up in California. Reading your blog makes me with my family had stayed in New England!!
Fete et Fleur said…
What a lovely tea for Lady Katherine. I feel quite refreshed.

Lady Katherine said…
Just so lovely! I love all your tea cups! I take the rose one on the right! Please do save me some of the lemon curd, for I love it so! Oh your tea rack is so wonderful! I need to get me one! Martha Vineyard! A place I long to go! My Doc goes there every year for a month! I love the tea shop! Oh the butterfly sandwiches are divine! Yes, lets leave the Butler a tip! For he is so wonderful! My Hubby is going to be jealous, for the boat is wonderful! Thank you so much for having me for Tea! Such a lovely trip! So sorry I am so late, but I got hurt, my Doc said Hospital, I said Tea Party! lol I have sleep around the clock for days. I so glad to enjoy today! It makes me have a Birthday every time I visit each blog! I feeling better, Soon as I heal, I going to give my Tea Party! Thanks so much, I loved it!
Lady Katherine said…
Oh, I love the paper napkins! So pretty! I also love the cupcake plate. The rabbit was so Darling! I just love it! Thank you so much! I had to go back and take another look
What a charming tea party! I am a big tea drinker and Iloved that tea rack - so cute! Linda
Lady Katherine said…
Loved looking at the post again!!!!

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