The weekend's activities

This past Saturday, my friend Amanda was visiting from Maryland and our afternoon tea group got together. Amanda was the tea hostess (the person in charge of the event) and she made all the arrangements from long distance. She selected the Hallowed Herb Tea House in Quincy, Massachusetts for our group outing.

The owner of the tea house, Lisa, lives upstairs. Downstairs, there's a tea room and gift shop.
Lisa had a lovely collection of tea cups. This beauty was mine for the afternoon.

Here's a photo of Amanda and Lisa, another member of the tea group. Amanda is from England and when we met her she was living in Massachusetts. She's lived many places including Dubai!

Our meal included soup, tea sandwiches, a scone, and a variety of desserts. My soup preference was broccoli and cheddar. Yum!!

I wanted to take this cute little lustreware sugar and creamer home with me but it was not for sale.

I am thinking of doing a treatment like this in my new kitchen. Isn't it lovely?

Here's a view of the tea server. We had grand marnier brownies, an Irish teacake, and a pistachio cookie.

Our check was presented with caramel truffles. I couldn't eat mine right then.

Pretty display. I have a teapot like this one. I got it for free from a neighbor.

There were so many teas for sale in the gift shop. I bought an artisan tea called Awakening Spirit. It's a green tea with a floral scent. When the water hits the tea pod a flower unfolds. Well, you'll see, later in this post.

The powder room was so feminine and pretty.

A beautiful towel to wipe one's hands. No paper towels here.

Here's the group outside the tea house. It actually hit 60 degrees on Saturday. It was absolutely gorgeous out. Of course, today it snowed! Saturday's weather was such a tease!

Saturday night, my sister and I went to visit our friend's Mary and Don. Mary wanted to make dinner even though it was her birthday. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls. Mary did a fabulous job! We brought the cake, a black and white cake. Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream layers. So good!

We brewed the Awakening Spirit tea and drank it with dessert. The tea pod looks like a sea creature, don't you think? Actually the flower was quite beautiful and the scent was jasmine, I think.
All in all, it was a wonderful day. Great friends, great food, what more does one need?


Michelle said…
What a fun weekend! I can have tea every weekend...but I know I'd gain weight with the delicious desserts. Those caramel truffles are so sweet to present with a check. What a great idea! That Awakening tea is beautiful too! And that cake...well I could use a piece of that right now. :)
Allidink said…
That tea is amazing! I love green tea and it looks so beautiful. What a fun weekend you had! I plan on going out to tea with some friends soon, and reading your lovely post just got me more impatient to go! lol
Unknown said…
What a fabulous tea room! It looks like a wonderful place to visit! Those goodies look so beautiful on that double tiered tray and those truffles! WOW! Looks like a wonderful time for you and your friends. :)
Cafe Observer said…
Very nice pics.
I see the group pic of the women, but are your guys camera shy?
My goodness Elaine, you certainly do know how to seek out all the loveliest places to eat or have tea!

Everything looks so pretty, and that soup ... yum : )

It's good to see places like that surviving this dismal economy of ours. Hopefully they can hold on and ride it out.
Wonderful pictures and narrative! I enjoyed this tea outing. You always seem to have such fun & a delicious array of tea & sweets!


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