Vacation all I ever wanted....

Remember that GoGo's song from the 80's? Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation had to get away. Well, I sure would like to take a little time off and drop out of the rat race for at least a week.

If I had a sudden windfall, I might consider a trip to China to play with some baby pandas.
A train trip on the Royal Scotsman might be just the ticket. They would cater to my every whim.

Or a dining car on the Venice Simplon Orient Express would be just my speed.

This chateau getaway from French General offers,...oh darn it's sold out! Well it did offer the traveler a stay in a French country house, coffee on the terrace, crafting workshops, trips to French flea markets, wine in the evenings.

A photographic workshop by Alison Shaw on Martha's Vineyard. This one is a possibility. Rise each morning to photograph the sunrise. Ew, get up early on my vacation? I guess I would do it for the sake of my art. Breakfast at an inn, photographic instruction, shoot the evening sunset.
This would be great, more material for the blog!

Who am I kidding? Considering my recent home purchase, there's really nothing left in the vacation budget. Looks like my vacation dreams will have to wait. My relaxation? A good long soak in the bath tub!
Still, a girl can dream, right?


A vacation would be just great right about now! And I could easily be swayed by any one of the trips you describe!

Hopefully I will be able to escape to a sunny beach on a remote island sometime tihs summer. A good book, a pina colada, my favorite guy... hey, I was just hoping for spring before I came to visit!!

Have a good week!

Salmagundi said…
A great post! We would all love to get away to any of those fun destinations; but, sometimes time at home can be just as great. Sally
Love your Easter header! Very pretty! Hugs, Patti
Tricia said…
Love your Blog! I have been following it for a while and always look forward to your latest entry.

A vacation break sounds great right about now with the first hints of spring and all of vacation ideas seem like they would fit the bill.


PS Love the kitties.
BailiwickStudio said…
ooooh, I'd have joined you in a heartbeat at the chateau in France! Although those train trips sound intriguing, too. But like you, I may be spending my time at home this year (which is a good thing, really!)

Well even if you can't go on a vacation, you sure do know how to plan one! Don't feel bad, we haven't had a vacation in years either. Seems there's never enough money anymore. So disappointing.

I long to go back to Martha's Vineyard one day. I just hope for warm weather when I do! After shooting that sunrise you just need to take a nap then you'll be good to go ; )
~CC Catherine said…
Chatelaine, I know exactly how you feel! Sometimes I grab my tea, grab my Romantic Homes magazine, or one of my photo albums of a former trip to Europe and reminisce of the days gone by. I particularly enjoy my trip to Paris or my to New Zealand and Austrailia...It's reinventing the most fabulous trips of my lifetime when I do this! Grab your beverage, an old photo album of your favorite vacation and try it! They say our brains are the most sophisticated computers there are, see if you can pull up some more memory while viewing the pics! I promise will bring back some great times! ;) I love your blog, my first time! ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"
Pat McIntosh said…
I was on the French Generals blog last week, and spent the time day dreaming about her Chateau getaway!! Maybe we all met up in our make believe vacation world. I'm betting we all had a great time.
Visiting your blog is like a little vacation, thanks for the relaxing break!

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