The Salon

On Saturday, I went to the hair salon for a much needed cut and color. My friend owns the Jean Brian Studio for Hair. I thought I'd take some photos there. It's so warm and welcoming. This is the view from the front door.
Jean has a flair for decorating and for finding bargains. She will pick up a piece at a flea market and paint it to make it look chic. This is the entrance to the sink area.

You can get a manicure or pedicure.

I love tin ceilings! Jean painted this one black. I think it's so cool.

A restful place to sit and read while waiting for services.

This is Jean's latest purchase. An end of season bargain. Think I'll just plant myself in front of the fire, have a cup of tea and catch up on what's new and exciting with Jean.


Unknown said…
What a lovely salon! Your friend definately has some talent goin' on there!
I absolutely love this salon! I think decor really matters as much as customer service in a store or shop. If I owned my own business I would make sure everything was perfect!

I hope Jean has more customers than she has time! :-)

I just read about your tea. The pictures put me in a sweet frenzy! You are right, I would definitly have to start dieting the next week!

Allidink said…
That is the coolest salon! I have never seen one so beautifully decorated and pleasant to be in. Lucky you! ;)
Salmagundi said…
Looks like a welcoming place to go, plus if you get a good haircut - that's a bonus. Have a good week. Sally
What a gorgeous salon ~ I wish the place I visit was just as cosy (or maybe not as I would never leave!)
kayellen said…
What a fun place to get your hair done!!!
Love that ceiling!!!
I am sure you look beautiful too;-)

Have a great weekend,

What a beautiful place! I've never been there or even heard of it so I would imagine it's not in the immediate area. However, I'm out of the loop so I could be wrong.

Love that black ceiling!
he hee, I have my geography wrong. Of course it's not in my immediate area ... lol!

Good for you Elaine for treating yourself in style ; )

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