Nesting on Main

Most of you who read my blog regularly know that I recently purchased a condo. So I am going through a nesting phase. Still settling in to the new space, I am on the lookout for items to show my true personality. My tastes have evolved over the years.

While in Concord this weekend, I saw a shop called Nesting on Main. I thought I might find something of interest there so I climbed the stairs and I entered into a dream world. Antiques, home decor, natural themes, my heart raced!

I so wanted this birdcage! Don't you love the fleur-de-lis on the top?

The displays reminded me of a walk through a museum of natural history.

I am looking for a mantel like this. This would look great in my living room, but, I resisted. How would I get it down the stairs?

Isn't this the cutest bistro chair? I love it as a plant stand. Nope, can't have it. My cats would eat the plant then make themselves at home on the chair.

Yes, this little birdie and birdcage came home with me. It can set on a table or bookcase but I think I like it hanging like it is in the store.

Another cute birdcage and I love the color of the stool.

I really like signs in home decor. I have some wall words in my dining room and living room. Well one of them came down after Christmas. It was an adhesive sign.

Another cute chair and table and check out that floor!

Browsing this store was a special event for me! One of the three owners, Wendy, was kind enough to let me go crazy snapping photos like I was with the paparazzi.

More eggs for the nesting theme. Great for Spring and Easter. Don't you love old
clock faces?

Carnival tickets and a bird themed book. Another great display!

Pretty glass jars and colored eggs and a sweet birdie.

Sea urchins and starfish. What a great way to display them.

Starfish, thin or plump. Your choice.

This could very well be the paint color in my living room. So I guess any of these items would
go perfectly in my home.

I really wanted to take this sign home with me. I like the sentiment, the script, and the shape. But, I had to leave something there so I could make a return visit. Aside from the birdcage, I bought some small items which I will show in a later post.
Nesting is my new favorite store. If you're ever in Concord, Massachusetts, check out Nesting on Main. You will not be disappointed.
As for me, I'm off to find the perfect perch for my little birdcage.


Michelle said…
I love everything!! That birdcage you took home with the birdie is so whimsical looking. I love it. I also love the idea of filling an apothecary jar with all starfish. And those bistro chairs. I can see those on my decks! Thanks for the ideas!! :) Your place will look so adorable. Can't wait to see more pictures.
suesueb said…
what a wonderful store-i'd love to visit! i love wall sentiments to and i think the last one was perfect for everybody. thanks for letting us visit it with you!
It's so difficult to go into a store like that and not want to buy everything! But usually the prices snap you right back to reality. lol!

Glad you found a few things for your home. What a lovely place. I know you frequently come up to Maine so the next time you do here is another place you might like to check out. It's just off the York exit. I'm hoping to do a post on it one of these days. I'm SO far behind!
Allidink said…
AWESOME birdcage and birdie! LOL about your cats that would be mine also!!! That store looks like so much fun. When I'm in stores like that I spend hours looking at every little thing.

All the best,
I would have been hyperventilating I think if I had walked into that store! Everything was so beautifully displayed, I would have found it very hard to resist...
bloomers shoppe said…
omg i want to visit this store right now. these pics are fabulous. thank you for sharing and letting me pretend that i went shopping there today!!!
Antique Therapy said…
Nesting is a favorite place of mine too!! I had a space in Concord too in North Bridge Antiques down the road. But the rent was getting to high for me so I moved into a much larger space in Sterling at Oh My Gosh antiques AKA The Cider Mill. It's a great place to shop in there are about 100 dealers. It's so great to see another blogger from Mass. I would love to switch links with you. My blog is Where in Mass do you live? I am in Westboro.
Fete et Fleur said…
Oh my Goodness!! I wouldn't have been able to leave. This store is super gorgeous!

Cindy said…
What a great shop!!! I've been to Concord once and all I remember is the beautiful homes and I wanted to move there!!! I love your birdcage and I really love that last sign!
Donna said…
What a neat store! I will have to keep that in mind if I'm ever in the Concord area! I absolutely love your birdcage - and all the others as well! Your condo looks fantastic - and kitty looks so comfy sunning in the window! Did I miss photos of the doorknob curtain tie-backs that you got from Urban? I'll keep watching for them. Enjoy this gorgeous weather!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage
What a beautiful store. I love Concord.
Anonymous said…
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