Are you kidding me?

Ugh! Winter just refuses to let go around these parts. Today we got 8 inches of the white stuff. Not enough to call off work but the schools were closed. See my neighbor and his snowblower clearing his driveway today. I think snowblowers are man's best friend!

Looks like we won't be eating outdoors anytime soon. And the worst news is that the snow won't even melt because the temps are in the 20's. The wind chill is supposed to make it feel like zero.

I can't believe the first day of Spring is this month!


Unknown said…
Oh, that looks so cold! I guess they weren't kidding... whoever made up the saying about "March comes in like a Lion..."!
Donna said…
I hear - and feel - your pain ... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage
I think we all are desperately waiting for Spring to arrive and some warmth and sunshine to cheer our days...
The snow does look so pretty though! (From a girl in England who rarely sees it!)
Allidink said…
I feel so bad for you now, I can't imagine snow like that because I've never experienced it lol. It makes a beautiful picture though :)
Michelle said…
Oh WOW. I am so thankful we dont' have anymore snow. I will try to send some warm weather your way..even if it is only 50 degrees here! :)
Better days are coming Elaine! It's going to be around 50 degrees this week-end. Yippeee!!!!

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