Valentine's Tea Party

I promised some photos from my Valentine's tea. Everything turned out really well!
I took this shot of the table before the guests arrived. Then I pretty much turned the photographic duties over to my friend Don.

I used one of my favorite pitchers. In the beginning I dressed it up with pearls. Later on it was filled with strawberry jam for the scones.

Don took this shot of the tablescape. It was later in the afternoon and the lighting
made the room look warm and inviting.

Harrod's No. 42 flowed freely. My friend Jan brought it back from London. No. 42 is
Harrod's brand of Earl Grey and it is fabulous. It's best in the loose leaf form, hence the strainer in the photo. Again, Don shot this one.

Another shot of the tablescape. The plates were a gift from Lisa.

No one was reading tea leaves on Saturday. This was my cup after I drank most of the Harney and Sons Valentine's Blend. It's a chocolate tea with rosebuds. Very pretty and a delightful fragrance!

Of course, Molly attended the tea! She posed for Don.

And her little brother Oscar was there too! He was interested in Don's camera.

Mary made a lemon cheesecake. We added blueberries to the top for color.

We had heart shaped petit fours for dessert. Now which one do I want?

Yet another shot of the petit fours. Don took this one from his side of the table.

My sister made chocolate panecotta. We thought it would look pretty in crystal glasses with a dollop of whipped cream. Decadent!

The tea tray held even more desserts. I made lemon squares and I also served Valentine
heart shortbread cookies.

Clara made an apple coffee cake. We added blackberries for a little color.
I should mention that we also had tea sandwiches, spinach puffs, and scones with
strawberry jam, lemon curd, and mock devonshire cream. Debbi brought a broccoli quiche and Ellie brought fruit salad with strawberry whipped topping.
It was a billion calorie day but no one seemed to mind too much. We can diet next week after all the leftovers are gone.


Salmagundi said…
Every detail was perfect! The food was so yummy looking, and I loved the Eiffel Tower plate. Thanks for sharing it all with us. Sally
kayellen said…
What a beautiful table you set! I love how you added the pearls too!!!

Wish I lived closer...I would have knocked on your door to join you;-)

Looks like you had a wonderful celebration!

Bernideen said…
Very lovely table and tea party!
Michelle said…
Everything looks wonderful! I love those petit fours. You did a great job!
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness! Your Valentine's tea party looks like it was an absolutely delightful event to attend! How divine! I love the little petit fours! Oh, how fun! Your kitty cats are adorable, too! :)
Thank you for your comment on my blog just now! I'm so glad you did because I would've missed the Valentine's Tea party other wise...that's it I'm adding you to my google reader!
To answer your question I do LOVE to decorate cookies and cakes, but those particular cookies were some valentine's day cookies I got at the local one in town! :)
ShabbyInTheCity said…
This was a top notch affair!
Where was I?!
Pat McIntosh said…
WOW!!! Everything looked so wonderful! I LOVE your Paris plates. The whole thing looked like a vintage afternoon in Europe.
Can't wait to see what the next holiday brings.
LissyLou said…
It all looks fabulous!! how lovely x
Sea Angels said…
How looks like something gorgeous from a film, you must have put so much work and love into it.... I wish I had just been popping by to borrow some sugar ha ha.
Hugs Lynn xx
Sweet Sage said…
Oh, everything looks so pretty and yummy! Chocolate and roses??! Mmmm .. no better combination! Well, except for maybe kitties and roses!! Yours are adorable. :)
What a fun day!
Laume said…
The table looked lovely and the food is making me drool, particularly since I'm on a temporary no sweet diet. ARGH!
vicki archer said…
How pretty and scrumptious everything looks - a totally divine tea party, xv
Yarni Gras! said…
what a pretty setting.....I bet it was a wonderful day!

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