Sweet Pink Memories

It's Pink Saturday again! I had a tough time finding Pink. It's February and it's New England. Pink is hard to come by when you are surrounded by frozen tundra. I had to go back to my summer trip to Martha's Vineyard to find some suitable Pinks.

So here we go. Home base was the lovely pink Oak Bluffs Inn. Isn't it cool?

We spent quite a bit of time sitting in those chairs and sipping lemonade on the porch. It was great for relaxing and people watching.

Here's a closeup of the entrance. I just love all the colors, so cheerful.

Side view of the inn.

This was a shop down the street from the Inn. The shop was called Good Dog Goods. I love the black wicker chair against the pink building.

Back to the Inn, this was my room. Green with pink accents, so pretty!

This is one of the gingerbread cottages in Oak Bluffs.

Another cottage in closeup.

The pink pops against the white of this cottage.

One day and night during the year, all the cottages in the old Methodist Campground are decorated with lanterns and parasols. They are illuminated at night. It's called Illumination Night and it's always held in August.

It's a good idea to go to the campground early and get some pictures in the daytime.

It's hard to get good nightime shots and photos never do Illumination Night justice.
It is so spectacular!

Some of the lanterns are made of silk and some are made of paper.

This cottage is called the Sweetheart Cottage. It's totally pink and all decked out in lanterns.
That's the end of the tour. It was fun to reminisce about my vacation and the warm, sunny days of August. I think I heard it's about 10 degrees outside right now. Looking forward to the warm days of August!


♥Mimi♥ said…
I think you did great finding pink this week. What a treat!
Nancy said…
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That inn is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday.
gina said…
Looks cozy. I would love to live in a pink house but my husband already feels out pinked with 4 girls. Thanks for sharing gina
I have really enjoyed looking at all these beutiful, delightful photos...

I would love to visit New England if I could in the future. Many happy saturdays to you!
Dee Light said…
Love your "pink memories". Have a perfectly pink Saturday!
Loretta said…
Love the photos of those neat old houses. Happy Pink Day!
kymber said…
Sounds like such a beautiful place to plan a get-away too! Thanks for sharing.
Oh to have time to sit and relax on vacation.... heavenly!
Happy Pink Saturday-
Anonymous said…
I have to get to Martha's Vineyard!
Lovely post! Those houses and inns are amazing.
Love the pinks you found

Happy Pink Saturday!

Beverly said…
Elaine, I love your summer pictures. I hope to go there one day.

Happy Pink Saturday.
Deanna said…
Hi Elaine!
Thanks for the sweet pictures! Oh to be able to live in a house like those! I would die a happy woman...LOL!

Have a great Pink Saturday!
Deanna :D
Just beautiful! I would love to visit Martha's Vineyard sometime. Thanks for sharing and helping me to dream! Have a lovely Pink Day!

Jennie said…
I love your pink sharing! Such a special inn and sweet cottages :)
Pug1 said…
I luv Martha's Vineyard...haven't been there since I was a child! CHEERS! Michele
Betty said…
How I'd love to be in New England any time of the year, but those summer pink pictures were wonderful.
Unknown said…
These pictures bring me hope of a thaw. Isn't exciting that we are having a "heat wave" this weekend?
Unknown said…
I hope you'll take a few minutes to check out the New England Bloggers group at http://ebogie.blogspot.com I'd love to list you if you're interested.
Terri Steffes said…
I love it. My husband would die before he walk through those doors, though, unless I blindfolded him first. Thank you for visiting me on my first PS.
Salmagundi said…
Loved all of the upstairs balconies! How beautiful all of the homes were. Sally
Dawn said…
Lil' pink houses for you and me! John Cougar Melencamp! Happy PS!
Jorgelina said…
Love the photos.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Oooooh! What lovely pics. Loved all of lanterns.

Thanks for dropping by, please come back again and enter my 50TH POST GIVEAWAY.

Hugs :)

Beautiful Pink Saturday post. I love Martha's Vineyard. Stayed in Edgarton a few years ago and are going again next summer! Taking the ferry this time from Boston~the puddle jumper scared the heck out of my husband!!!

RobinfromCA said…
I love seeing your pictures from Martha's Vineyard again! I think my favorite is of the shop with the black wicker chair. Although, I do love those lanterns!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts
kayellen said…
This is wonderful!
Great pink post!
Happy Pink Saturday and Sunday;-)
Love the paper lanterns so festive!

Thanks for stopping by. The gazebo in my garden post is about 3 miles away from me...at the University botanical gardens...A favorite walk and spot for me to sit.

warm hugs,
CC said…
What wonderful pinks..I loved it all..now specially, I miss those warm days. Happy belated Pink Saturday and have a lovely week.
Marina Capano said…
Hi!!! nice to meet you! wow! fall in love with your blog! is fantastic! what a just beautiful house you have in the banner is like the american´s movies!
and great pink post!

happy belated pink saturday!
visit me anytime...

Marina from Argentina.
from summer!!;)
ahh! my daughters and me love your cats. we have one handome cat caller Mr. Tom!
I am so sorry for my bad english!
I love Martha's Vineyard! I've only visited once, but I had so much fun walking around Oak Bluffs and looking at all the gingerbread houses in the campground, while my husband was golfing.

We drove all over the island and saw all the towns, one so different from the other. I'd love to go back. Have you been to Nantucket also?

Happy pink weekend!

Sit-N-Chat said…
What pretty pictures. Here, in West Texas, I've never seen anything like these cottages. Rougher land way back when, I guess.

God bless your day.

VintageSage said…
What cute cottages! I could live in any of 'em. I LOVE that sweetheart cottage!!
vicki archer said…
Oh I love those lanterns - how romantic and old fashioned. Thank you for stopping by French Essence, xv.
suzeeez said…
I love all the beautiful cottage type houses. I especially love them decorated with their lanterns. Sue

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