Steeped in Love*

Steeped in Love*

I hear him whistle

not a command, a come on

an invitation

Led by the scent of

forbidden fruit

infused by expectation

I breathe him in

caressed by steam

one taste an exultation

*an ode to Earl Grey

author- Sheila Foley (my sister)
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Gypsy aka Tam said…
Happy Valentines Day!!!!
That is too cute, love that tea table setting too.
Have a wonderful weekend,
♥Mimi♥ said…
Happy Pink Saturday, oh, and ♥Valentine's Day♥ too!!
kayellen said…
Beautiful Elaine!!!

Happy Pink Valentines Saturday!!!

I have been knee deep in roses for the last few days...helping a friend out at his flower much fun to make so many Floral arrangements!!!But my poor finger are sore today!
Hugs and thanks for stopping by;-)

I have come from Lesleys to your romantic lovely blog home! Your post below is beautiful too...Valentines wishes for you and yours!
How cute is that? Happy St. Valentine's Day to you... looks very cozy there and warm!
Eileen said…
Love the poem!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

ShabbyInTheCity said…
Haha! Your sister is very creative. That is cute. Love your romantic setting!
Just-Kim said…
Happy Valentine's to you!
Unknown said…
Lovely poem! Thank you for sharing. THe tea for two looks delightful. Happy Valentine's Day! :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! I love your blog and have bookmarked it for future visits.
Please, come on over and leave a comment for my giveaway drawings!

Have a great Valentines Day!
Lots of Love your way!

rebecca ~ justgiddy
Anonymous said…
Oh I love this!!!!! The setting for tea is beautiful and the poem is delightful!

Fifi Flowers said…
I ADORE your header photo... FAB FAB FAB!
I hope you ENJOYED your Valentines weekend!
Anonymous said…
Happy Be-lated Valentine's Day! Hope it was very romantic!

I love your crown tea set in your banner image!
Oh my, that's VERY nice ; )
Stephani Gorman said…
Such a Sweet Blog! I am glad I found you! I missed you on Valentine's Day and just today go to stop by. Stephani:)

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