Kennebunk Tea and Shopping

I was invited to a tea to celebrate the 250th birthday of the Scottish Bard, Robert Burns. The event took place at my friend Janelle's house in Kennebunk, Maine.

Every time I travel to Maine I HAVE to stop at Stonewall Kitchens in York. It just happens to be on the way to Janelle's. So my friend Kim and I stopped at Stonewall for some coffee, a snack and shopping!

Here's the shop at Stonewall Kitchens. I absolutely wanted to go home with this snowshoe sconce! But I wanted two and that would put me over the budget for the day. I snapped a photo instead.

I also loved the towels on display. I collect tea towels from my travels. Should I buy one? No, I have plenty at home.

So much snow, more than back home. This is Stonewall's entrance.

We arrived at Janelle's and entered the living room. Just look at the table setting. A hint of good things to come. Attention paid to every detail. See the rose plant? Those were the favors!

Can you believe it? A bagpiper (is that the correct term?) was hired for the event.
His name is Rob.

After he played some lovely songs, he gave us a little history on the instrument and his attire.
Did you know the "man purse" they wear can be made from Clydesdale fur? Not to worry, the fur is obtained during the shaving of the hooves.
Roberta and Lori Lee looked on.
These popcorn stitch socks or stockings are part of the traditional dress. They have no seams!
The tartan of the kilt is from the Royal Stewart clan. The uniform is the dress uniform.
Two lucky ladies got to sit here and enjoyed tea for two!

The piper posed with our two hostesses, Janelle and her niece Deborah. Deborah is also in
the tea group. The ladies dressed in keeping with the theme.

The view from Janelle's living room. BRR! Cold outside, warm and cozy inside.

Off to the dining room table of delights! These are meringues with whipped cream and strawberries. Fabulous!

Wow, the little seafood tarts went fast. Love this plate!

A spoonful of chocolate pudding and whipped cream artfully displayed.

I confess this is my plate. Meringue, lemon tart, button cookie, and pudding spoon and yes, I ate every bite! We also had mini Shepherd's Pies prior to dessert.

Here's Renee, another member of the group. I think that's Scottish tea in her cup.
She dressed to match the room. Kidding!

Lori Lee, a member of our group, got into the spirit of the tea. The hat, the plaids, she looked stunning as usual!

View from the upstairs guest room. The color of the room was airy and soft like Summer but then there was that giant icicle outside the window to remind us it's still Winter.

After our tea, Kim and I went to the Old House Parts Company in Kennebunk. We were met at the door by a sleeping cat named Napoleon. Don't you love his markings?

The Old House Parts Company is in a warehouse. It's an architectural salvage type of place.
I would love one of these old stained glass windows. They sold old doors, fireplaces, you name it.
I bought some old skeleton keys and some lamp finials.
Late in the afternoon, we headed back to Massachusetts with wonderful memories of a day
filled with food, friends, music and history.


Amy said…
looks like a nice time the desserts looked yummy, thanks for sharing,Amy
Anonymous said…
What a fantastic job you did of capturing the tea!
Deb said…
My daughter was born on Jan 25th ~ Robert Burns day :-) What a wonderful tea celebration you had.
WOW! What a fabulous tea party. I would have loved to have been there. I am going to try the spoonful of pudding and cream for my next tea party! hugs, Ellen
Hi Elaine, I haven't been to Stonewall Kitchen in quite a while. I loved the towels and snowshoe candle holder. Maybe my husband and I will get up there sometimes soon for coffee as well.

What a lovely tea at a beautiful home! You make me wish I were invited too! Yummy food. Everyone looked nice too. Thank you for sharing a wonderful day!
ellen b. said…
Hello Elaine! thank you for your visit to my Pink saturday. Oh I love myself a proper tea and this one is so fabulous! What fun. I love all the detail. And Robert Burns timely for Tea. You have a beautiful blog and I really enjoyed your photos!
Dawn said…
Who knew this is Maine!
Michelle said…
Oh I would have bought everything in that store! I think I may start collecting tea towels. I never have before but for some reason I have this affinity towards them now. :) All that food looks scrumptious! What a cozy, cozy day. I LOVE that snowshoe sconce too!! Kitty is cute also. ;)
Pug1 said…
Hi I'm Michele luv your blog!!!!! CHEERS! Michele
It looks like you had a wonderful time. I live in New Hampshire and all of those places are very familiar to me. Except the old house place. Where is that? Is it on route 1?

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