I'm doing my part!

Well, no one can say I'm not doing my part to stimulate the economy. I've made a few purchases and I thought I would share them with you. As most of you know I recently bought a condo and so of course, I needed some new "stuff".

I decided to invest in a new TV stand. My old monstrocity of an entertainment center went to a friend's basement. I was looking for something smaller. My friends Don and Mary went shopping with me. Don suggested that I could save money and get the look I wanted by going with a smallish bookcase. We found this one at the Mill Store. It is made of wood and the stain is called Carribean Rum. The moulding on the top looks like the moulding around the windows in my living room.

The Expo Center is closing in my area. I got this clock for 30% off. It reminds me of a railway station clock. I can't wait to see it hanging in my hallway.

Another find at the Expo Center. This bookshelf is metal and it fits my little corner perfectly.

While looking for another bookcase, I found this table. It's great because it's a drop leaf table and it expands to become a round table. It was quite the find at the Mill Store. It didn't come in Carribean Rum like the other bookcase but it's close enough. The stain is called Espresso.

I got some trivets at the Expo Center. I will use this as a trivet or as a candle holder or I can hang it too! I even use them to elevate the lamps in my home such as the one in the prior photo.

The last item is going to hold my soaps or maybe a sponge. I loved the scrollwork on it.
Now you've had a sneak peek at the condo. When the rooms are finished I'll post some photos.


Good for you! Looks like you found some nice items at a good price. From what I can see your condo looks very pretty!

I didn't know Expo was closing. I've always wanted to go there but the closest one to us is Burlington. Every time I go down that way I'm with my girls and Expo is the last place they want to go.
Anonymous said…
What a fabulous job shopping! I love everything you bought. I especially love the clock. I've never seen one like it. Can't wait to see the condo.
kayellen said…
Love it all Elaine...
Our expo in orange county is closing too...sign of the times...so sad...but great for you!!!and fellow clients and friends...great bargains right now!!!

Have a great weekend!

Is the snow melting yet?

Missing Boston...

Salmagundi said…
Great shopping! Can't wait to see more pictures of your condo. Stay warm. Sally
Everything looks voery pretty. I like the idea of using a book case for a tv stand. I love the little soap dish thing.
Michelle said…
Elaine I love all your finds especially that bookcase. That is about the size I need! Sounds like you had fun shopping. The big antique show is here next weekend. I better save some money this week for that. :)

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