Today's weather was beastly. Snow, rain, slush and then freezing rain. The temperature dropped quickly this evening and the result was ice! Ice everywhere! I needed skates to make my way from the garage to my back steps!

I do love Winter but today not so much. I must remind myself why I love Winter. Snowflakes, ice crystals, clean, white snow and ice skating. Keeping this in mind I have for your viewing pleasure a You tube video featuring my favorite skater performing one of my favorite songs. Enjoy!!!


I am in New England also and I couldn't agree with you more about yucky yesterday! I'm hoping that today will be sunny so we can melt some of the ice off of the walkways at least.
Salmagundi said…
I've only been to New England in the warmer months. Does this cold and ice last every day, all day, all winter there? Here in the foothills of Colorado, we are blessed - it snows in the a.m., the sun comes out, the snow on the streets and sidewalks melts by 3:00 p.m. Then it doesn't snow for another 3-4 days. Stay warm! Sally
Michelle said…
I'm so thankful we are done with all of that. Now just to deal with the flooding going on. It warmed up quickly (it's around 50 now) so the rivers are threatening to peak with all that snow melting from the mountains. Eeek! Michelle Kwan is such a beautiful skater...she floats on the ice.

Keep warm and don't fall!
Cindy said…
I saw that weather you are having on the news! Wow! We've had a colder than normal winter this year. To us, not getting out of the 40s is freezing!!! It's supposed to be 65 degrees on Saturday. I can't wait!
kayellen said…
Warm Hugs from California Elaine!!!
Fun to pick some pink flowers from my yard and share with my snowy friends...
The pictures you have been posting on Flickr are beautiful of the snow!!

Have a great weekend! Would love to see a few pics of ice skates in the snow!!!Will you share?


RobinfromCA said…
Oh, brrr.... I'm bundled here in CA because it's been chilly. Then again, I'm a wimp. The Michelle Kwan video is beautiful though, thanks!
Sweet Sage said…
Lovely video!
LOVE your new look!
Just beautiful!
WARM hugs to you :)

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