Running out of Time

I didn't need to be reminded by a tree in a Christmas store that it's almost time for Christmas.
Where did the time go this year? I always save vacation days from work for shopping and doing fun activities. This year I used them for moving and now I find myself scrambling to get all my Christmas "stuff" done at the last minute.

I don't have any gifts wrapped. I just finished my shopping today. Usually I'm done weeks before Christmas. No Christmas treats baked, yet. I finished my Christmas cards on Saturday.
Oh boy, what a line at the post office for stamps. And the line was at the automated machine!

After I finished my shopping, I decided to take some shots of the beautiful aftermath of
yesterday's snowstorm. That's storm #2 in 3 days. Anyway, I hope my camera has conveyed the snowy loveliness I witnessed.

I love this snowman! First of all he's made of real snow and second of all, he's not one of those
huge plastic inflatables that deflate every time the temperature gets a little mild. Also, he's
got a heart! Too cute.

It wasn't exactly comfortable walking outside today as you can see by the icicles on this house.
The sun was shining brightly but no sign of melting here!
Well, I must leave you now because there's some serious wrapping to be done and a list to be made for the trip to the grocery store.
I hope all of you have a relaxing few days leading up to Christmas! Watch one of those great old Christmas movies, or list to some Christmas music. Chill out, there's still time!


kayellen said…
Hi Elaine!!!
Oh thankyou for your sweet comments on flickr and blogland:)
Here come's Christmas!!!
Beautiful snow pictures...
I have one time ornament on my travel tree..but it's facing the window....Italy,London, a few others!
Whole tree of clocks is beautiful!!!!
I am in the same boat as you... just starting my wrapping tonight...alot to do.
Have a wonderful christmas sweet blogging friend:)
Salmagundi said…
Have a Joyous Christmas! I've so enjoyed your blog the last couple of months, and am looking forward to your posts of 2009!! Sally
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting such great holiday shots. It really gets me in a festive mood! I didn't do a thing this year and it was fantastic! Everything is either in a gift bag or tied with a bow, it's so less stressful! Hope you have a great holiday with lots of RnR! xoc
RobinfromCA said…
The second photo down looks just like my mother-in-law's house in upstate NY! She's in Schenectady so it's just close enough to almost be in New England.

The photos are gorgeous. What a huge amount of snow you've had back there. My nieces and nephews love all the snow days! That is, until they have to be made up at some point!


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