The Passage of Time

It's New Year's Eve! I am having a small party this evening- I hope! Due to the wintry weather it is very much in doubt. We're having a snowstorm and it's icy and freezing outside. Windy too!

I have all the food ready, the party hats and the makeshift Times Square ball. But possibly no party guests. One person has already called to cancel. I told her that safety is more important than any silly little get together.

So this evening if I have no party guests, Molly, me, and Oscar will reflect on the year 2008.

The year I bought my first home, added Oscar to the family, had one great vacation to Martha's Vineyard, celebrated a birthday with a zero on the end of my age and started my blog! Careerwise, a very good year considering I work in the financial sector.

Ok, dear readers tell me about your year! And have a very Happy New Year!


Wanda said…
Time does march on, it seems like a year just flys by. There were no big milestones in my year just day to day living. but you know what, I like that best, less stress and more at home life.
Is that your house in the header? It is lovely, especially in the snow.
Salmagundi said…
Happy New Year to you! Buying your condo has got to be exciting for you. May 2009 continue to be a blessing! Sally
Pat McIntosh said…
Whether celebrating with friends or in the company of your four legged ones, may your New Year be a wonderful one.
Elaine said…
No Wanda it's not my home in the header. It's a home I drive by every day and I wish I could live
there someday.
You do have quite a year to celebrate! Congratulations on your new home and new family member : )

As usual, with a teen and preteen girl (and husband), life around here is never dull. Though sometimes I wish it were as I would probably get more done! Every year we grow more as a family and the girls journey along towards adulthood. And interesting journey indeed!

This year I look forward to making new blogger friends, such as yourself, and growing a bit more in my photographic vision.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said…
Happy New Year, Chatelaine. I hope your celebration was a success. Looking forward to visiting your blog in the New Year.
kayellen said…
Happy New Year to you Elaine!!
So thankful we met on were such a big help when I traveled to Boston!
So much fun that we met on the "Shades" Pool:)
Hugs to you and those darling kitties!!!
RobinfromCA said…
Happy New Year Elaine! No big milestones in my life this year either but you surly had some great ones! I hope some of your guests were able to make it last night. If not, I hope you had a cozy evening knowing everyone was safe at home while winter stormed outside.

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