It's a Wrap!

Tonight's subject is gift wrap for the holidays. Before I share my ideas on the topic, I thought I
would post a picture of Winchester, Massachusetts. I was sitting in my car with my freshly brewed Starbucks and I happened to glance out of the rear view mirror. This is what I saw-
a pretty little scene of a town getting ready for Christmas. I love this area of town and since
I've moved I'm right over the city limits of Winchester. I am sure to spend a lot of time there.
Not to mention the Winchester Starbucks is open until 9:30PM!

Back to gift wrap, in an earlier post I mentioned that I pride myself on my gift wrapping skills.
This year all my stuff was packed up from moving. I couldn't even find the scissors! I have hat boxes filled with snippets of ribbon, buttons, holly berries, you name it to use as package toppers. Do you think I could find it? Of course not, and I needed to wrap two gifts for tomorrow.

So for the first gift which by the way is a gift card, I put it in a snowglobe gift card holder then tissue paper and then this faux fur bag. I love this bag. Last year after Christmas, I went to Pottery Barn and bought every last one at half price. I have espresso colored faux fur bags, white like the one in the photo and one that has black and brown markings. They're supposed to be wine bags but I actually used one as a purse last Winter. Anyway, I attached a cinnamon scented vintage look sachet to it and voila instant gift wrap! I hope Lorraine likes it!

I love the look of calligraphy and fancy script so last year again after Christmas I bought this paper. It has a bit of a sheen to it. Again, no scissors. I had to improvise by folding the paper back and forth until it would tear easily. I added another one of the cinnamon sachets and a little
gold jingle bell and that wrap job is finished. This one's for my boss, John. He has small children so I picked out the sachet with the kids on a sled.

Molly was supervising as usual. Or as my dad would say, "doing the heavy looking on".
That's ok she's such a cutie!
Well, that's all for this evening. It's a wrap!


Salmagundi said…
This is an area of the Christmas spirit that I am lacking. I do not do a good job in the wrapping part. I'm inspired to try better by your packages. Thanks. Sally
Laume said…
That faux fur bag is really cute! A unique take on the new gift bag popularity. And "doing the heavy looking on" - cute. That was my job yesterday while hubby was trying to dig out a hole down to our sewer line under a foot and a half of snow and then frozen ground. It was hard work, the looking on. And from the looks of it, the digging was difficult as well.
Michelle said…
What a sweet town. That is so funny you know what time the Winchester Starbucks closes. I love that faux fur bag..and the calligraphy is so classy looking. Your kitty is just making sure you are wrapping correctly. :)
Sue said…
I love the little fur bag, I'm always away from home at the holidays so I never can take advantage of that after Christmas markdown sales....

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