Hope, Faith and Peace

When my sister saw this photo she commented that it looked Biblical, as if the animals were in a manger. I agreed. Actually it was taken at Island Alpaca in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts last August.
Anyway, the scene was peaceful and so this Christmas evening I wish you all Hope, Faith and Peace for the season and the coming New Year.
This evening we saw a very bright star in the east.
Until next time....


kayellen said…
Beautiful Elaine!
Warm hugs and blessings coming your way!!
So glad we met this past year..amazing how connected we are!!! "Shade" friends are awesome!!!
Salmagundi said…
I hope your Christmas was as beautiful as that picture. Happy New Year! Sally
Michelle said…
Oh I love this photo. They look so sweet and elegant. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I'm glad it's time to just lounge around and relax now! Our snow is melting, finally too. Do you still have snow there?
RobinfromCA said…
I agree, it does look like animals in the manger. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I have enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful pictures and getting to know you through our "Shades" group this year.


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