Gingerbread Man

I knew today would be physically demanding but I got through it knowing I promised myself a treat at the end of the day.

I had another day off from work but I spent it doing a lot of physical labor. My friend Don and I were once again emptying out my old apartment. The task is almost finished. Of course, then I will have to go through all the boxes again when I get settled. Moving is the worst isn't it?

I was ruthless with some of my things, throwing scads of items out and givng away boxes full of stuff. That's what happens when you don't purge your stuff occasionally. You have too much stuff! Don kept saying bag it, box it, or toss it! This is a lesson I hope I will remember in the future. I told Don I am never moving again.

So tonight I am tired from a long day's work. I've decided physical labor isn't my thing. I've also decided that Don is a really good friend. He spent full days helping me move so I didn't have to pay a mover a huge amount of money. All I paid was $200 for 2 guys to move my bed, sofa, kitchen table and chairs, and a hutch for the dining room.

Anway it's now evening and I pulled out some of the Christmas decorations that were packed away. I have a star on the treetop and lights on the tree but that's it. I did do some decorating of the dining room hutch. The decorations are simple, just some Christmas dishes and greenery. Easy!

Now it's time for my treat. I get to eat the long awaited gingerbread man cookie. I love anything gingerbready. Like gingerbread lattes or gingerbread cookies. Today I even showered with Philosophy's Gingerbread Man shower gel. If you haven't tried it yet, you need to. It's fabulous and makes your bathroom smell great!

OK, I photographed gingerbread man and now I have to leave you all and have myself a snack!


kayellen said…
ooohhh you are working to hard Elaine:)
Such a huge job to move!
Any friend that will help in moving is a wonderful person!!!
I can smell that ginger bread man!!!Yum!
I would be right over if I lived in Boston:)
Michelle said…
Good for you for treating yourself to that Gingerbread man! I know what it's like still cleaning one place and moving into another. I'm STILL going through boxes. :)

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