Getting Ready

We're getting ready for the big storm. Boots by the door-check. Four new tires on the Highlander-check. Full tank of gas-check. Batteries check, cell phone charged check. Food, enough to survive. We're going to get hit by a snowstorm tomorrow. A foot of beautiful snow to give us the White Christmas we've been dreaming of.
Oh no! The caroling party was cancelled. We'll have to wait til Christmas Eve for Mary's gingerbread cookies. It also gives us more time to practice!

We'll have to hunker down and stay in all day. Maybe have a cup of tea? It makes one cold looking at all that snow and ice.

After the storm, maybe we can go ice skating and perfect our triple toe loops!

Or build a snowman! And this time we'll give him two eyes!
It's going to be great fun to have a Friday snow day! Then we can do it all over again on Sunday when the next storm plows through. (No pun intended)


Salmagundi said…
I think we in Colorado sent you the snow. We got hammered with snow & cold the first part of the week. Enjoy staying in and warm. Sally
We are getting ready for the storm here in northern New England as well. We still have quite a few without power here so these next snow storms will be difficult for many. But, it is so pretty and fun to play in.
Yarni Gras! said…
how wonderful! I miss people just look at you like you've got 3 eyes.......
Sweet Sage said…
Sending you and the kitties WARM thoughts ..
Take Care!
kim :)
Sweet Sage said…
LOVE that snowy pic up top!!
Michelle said…
And we just got hit last night here in Portland, Oregon. Another wave of snow just started. We must have about 10 inhes to a foot of snow already! I love your boots! I got pink ones. Hehe!

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