What happened to Thanksgiving??

I pose the question what happened to Thanskgiving because I am really getting tired of all the Christmas hype so early in the season. It's still Fall. The most beautiful season of the year, at least in my opinion. Poor Thanksgiving gets merely a mention.

In the stores, it's Halloween and then immediately thereafter, it's Christmas! Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all. There's great food, time spent with family and friends and football! Can you think of anything better?

I saw on TV today that Walmart is open all day on Thursday for their Thanksgiving Sale. And
Starbucks is open 7AM-4PM on the holiday. I heard one barista say she has to work all day so her family has to delay their Thanksgiving meal until 5 o'clock.

Thanksgiving should be about savoring the gifts of the season. Feasting one's eyes on the rich autumnal colors on the table, enjoying the wonderful smells of the cooked turkey and the apple pie, hearing the voices and laughter of our loved ones, and making memories. Thanksgiving is a treat for the senses. It is unique.

I urge you to relax this Thanksgiving, enjoy every moment. The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season can wait, at least until Friday.


Sue said…
Hi... First time on your blog, saw your link thru Salmagundi...Boy do I have to agree with you...I was out and about today and all the stores here in Atlanta are going to be open on Thanksgiving. One store "Old Time Pottery" is opening at 7:00a.m. That's insane. People should be at home watching the Macy's parade and cooking!! Who needs to buy pottery at that time of the day....I look forward to stopping back to read your blog it looks very interesting...I saw lots of food posts! Have a Happy Thanksgiving....Sue
Salmagundi said…
I'm with you about Thanksgiving. With so much Christmas going on in the stores plus on everyone's blogs, I've been very tempted to join in; but I've managed to refrain. After our son goes back to his home this weekend, and the leftovers are finished; then I'll think about Christmas. I was just thinking that if I already had Christmas stuff out at Thanksgiving, what would he expect to welcome him when he comes for Christmas? May you enjoy the whole week of Thanksgiving!!! Sally
Sue said…
I came back to read all about you and ofcourse got attracted to the mention of food...my husband loves cream cheese, especially in scrambled eggs, but I've never used it in mashed potatoes. I usually use Ranch dressing....what is your recipe?

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