New Chairs

When I move to my new condo, I will have a dining room for the very first time. This is exciting to me. I've been trying to decide on decor ever since I made the offer on the place. I am realizing as I'm packing up my belongings that my taste has changed drastically in 13 years.
That's the last time I changed addresses.

I am leaning towards a French inspired look. Wouldn't it be nice to feel like you are on a European vacation every time you come home? I can't afford a new dining room set so I am taking the existing kitchen table and four chairs and putting that in my new dining room. I bought 2 new chairs from Pier One for either end of the table. I've seen chairs mixed and matched in decorating magazines so I figured I'd give it a try. I want an elegant look for the dining room. The richness of the fabric makes it the perfect chocie for the room. The studs on the back of the chairs give it a nice finish.

I just love the colors of these chairs. The dining room walls are sage green and I think the colors
in the chairs will go well with the sage. They're comfy too. I can just see my guests fighting over who gets the soft chairs! Only kidding, I hope my family and friends are more civilized than that.

A multitude of colors in the fabric will give me lots of options for coordinating other accessories
in the room. All of that is going to have to wait. I am trying to be sensible and buy a little at a time. One could go crazy with so many great stores to choose from. I live in a suburb of Boston and there are lots of options for furniture stores. But, for now I am being good.

Next, I'll tackle the kitchen!


Salmagundi said…
Love that fabric and the nail head trim is classic. Good choice as there are lot of ways you can go with the color. Sally
Cindy said…
The chairs look beautiful! I have the same problem every time I move. I always want to go out and buy new things!
Michelle said…
I also love that fabric! You and I are alike in that we both like French inspired decor. Good luck on your move. I will be moving this weekend! I'm renting my condo though but hope to buy a condo in the same complex next year. Maybe the one I will live in. :)

kayellen said…
Pretty Elaine!
Can't wait to see you settle in and your kitty's cuddling on your sofa:)
Have a wonderful week!
Thank you for your sweet comment..I am tired from 3 shows in one week...
I am sleeping in tomorrow!
Sweet Sage said…
Beautiful chairs, Elaine!
Can't wait to see the new place!

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