It's Thanksgiving!

I am not cooking today so I have time to blog. My sister and I are going to the home of our "Italian Mother" today. Clara already has eight children so what's two more at the table. She is a lifesaver. Since my mother's stroke in 2004, Thanksgiving has not been the same.

Mom is in a nursing home and doing pretty well, and my dad has noontime dinner with her. The powers that be at the nursing home decided two years ago that they would institute a two guest rule for holiday dinners. That means that one of the three us would not be able to eat dinner at the nursing home on Thanskgiving. Our solution is to have dad eat with mom and my sister and I join Clara's family for their Thanskgiving celebration. After dinner, we go to the nursing home, my dad takes a break and then he spends a little time with us, then he's back to the nursing home to be with mom during the evening.

Oh well, that's the way it has to be, so we deal with it. We are very fortunate to have Clara and her family in our lives. She calls us her "Irish daughters". We love all the commotion that goes on with a big family celebration. There is an abundance of food and laughter and the noise level!
Well, you can just imagine.

Clara lives in a fabulous old home with a tin ceiling in the dining room , several stained glass windows, a walk in pantry, and a fabulous wrap around porch. The home is located in a section of town once known as Nobility Hill. It is the perfect setting for a holiday meal.

So I have much to be thankful for today. My real family and my adopted family are both doing well. I am looking forward to the meal, the company and the football.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogging friends!!


Salmagundi said…
Hope your Thanksgiving was great! Have a good weekend. Are you moved, yet? Sally
Sue said…
Your friend Clara's home sounds beautiful and you know you'll always get a good meal from an Italian...I can't believe the nursing home doesn't allow atleast all children to visit for dinner, what a crazy rule...
Michelle said…
I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Clara's home sounds wonderful and just the perfect place to have a holiday. It's very sweet your dad has Thanksgiving with your mom. That's really too bad the whole family can't join in. They need to learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving even if it is just for a day. :)
Pat McIntosh said…
Found your blog through Shades of Inspiration. Love what you do! Have added you to my blog. Come visit.
Hope your Thanksgiving was great!
Cindy said…
It's so great that you and your sister have somewhere to go on Thanksgiving since you can't be together with all of your family. I hope you had a good one!

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