Harvest Dinner

Last night was the night of our annual Harvest Dinner, a tradition I started with my friends and family several years ago. We've had Harvest Dinners in either late October or early November for probably ten years and it is one of my favorite events on our social calendar.

I have to admit, this photo was not taken by me. I actually brought my camera to the dinner but the memory card was still home in my laptop. Hence no photos from last evening. This photo was taken from www.countryliving.com . I think it depicts the feeling of the evening.

We had the best time last night. Five of us gathered for a dinner starting with a cup of hot spiced apple cider. We dined on turkey, stuffing, gravy, cream cheese mashed potatoes, butternut squash. mini corn muffins, and for dessert, oh my. My friend Mary's unbelievable two crust apple pie with vanilla ice cream, pumpkin bread made with Stonewall Kitchen's maple pumpkin butter, and gingerbread cake.

We had soft music in the background, and lots of good conversation and laughter. And to think, we actually thought of skipping it this year. Two of the friends had a home renovation just completed and I am in the moving process and it seemed like getting together was quite the inconvenience. But, it was so worth it!

Now really, do I care about the five pounds I packed on last night? No I don't because I have another wonderful evening to add to the memory bank. Thanks to Mary, Don, Debbi, and Sheila.


Salmagundi said…
Five pounds is nothing compared to the enjoyment of sharing a meal with friends. You can lose the pounds, but never the friends!!! Sally
Michelle said…
Now that sounds like the perfect evening to me. :)
Patti said…
That type of get together sounds wonderful~ I am glad you had a great time!!!
kayellen said…
Sounds like a wonderful time to spend with friends...I love traditions!!!


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