I hope you caught the title of this post. Condomonium not condominium. That's because this week's move has been nothing short of pandemonium. Welcome to my world.

The seller of my condo did not include the washer and dryer in the sale so I had to buy new ones. It took me 3 visits to the same store before I could complete my sale. I encountered
a rude salesman then an incompetent salesman. The incompetent salesman cost me time and a wasted trip to the store. The rude saleman was just plain rude. Finally I got what i wanted from them and the delivery date of Friday, the last day of my vacation.

Today was delivery day for the washer and dryer. First, the delivery men got lost. Then I watched them struggle to bring my new stackable washer and dryer into the unit. Once they were in and they were working a while, I heard their conversation but it was not in my language. Were they fighting , they were certainly not happy. Finally one called to me, Miss? It seems this washer and dryer will not fit. You will need to have the moulding in the closet shaved down an inch. Take care of the closet work and call this number and someone will come back. What I said? I gave the dimensions to the salesman. I told him what the previous owner had for a washer and dryer! I said take it back then. Can't do that Miss. We did a test and it works. No returns. So here I am with a washer and dryer in my hallway! Luckily, I have a carpenter friend.
Now I need another vacation day.

While the pandemonium was going on, the doorbell rang. I answered the door. A woman wanted to talk about a brochure she had in her hand. It was called The Truth. I said now was not a good time. She said I just need a minute. I opened the door wide so she could see the commotion in the hallway, two men, a washer and a dryer. She wanted to come back to which I responded please just go! She said she would not be back. Yay, someone is finally listening!

Ok, on to the fun part. Who cares if I have clean clothes, there is decorating to be done. I am deciding about the kitchen curtains, should they stay or should they go? I am not sure I'm thrilled with them, are you? They were left by the previous owner who by the way left all his food in the fridge. Yeah, he's taking it all on Sunday or it's getting dumped.

Back to the curtains. I was thinking I would like more of an ecru lace or crocheted curtain.

Here's a view of some of the kitchen. I love the shiny appliances.

I brought my bistro set off my apartment balcony and over to the kitchen. I love using outdoor furniture inside the house. The kitchen is so sparse right now I decided fresh flowers would perk it and me up.

Don't worry I have a cushion for the second chair. Well, if Molly (my cat) will give it back I'll have a second cushion.

Ok, I have vented sufficiently. I know what you're thinking, nobody said it would be easy.
Eventually it will all fall into place. You're right. I'm better and we can leave the condo now.
Here's the welcome sign on my back door. Since parking is in back of the building I think I should have something pretty on the back door too. The sign was made from an old lithograph and purchased in Salem, Massachusetts.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Tomorrow I am attending a pre-Thanksgiving Harvest Dinner with friends and family and all I have to make is the cream cheese mashed potatoes. Good food and drink, great company. I can handle that.


Salmagundi said…
I'm so happy you are getting moved, in spite of the problems. It will all be worth it once you are settled. I would stick with the valance until you are settled, then see how you feel about it!! Sally
Patti said…
Hi! Doesn't it always just have to happen that way? I have so many similar experiemces that it is laughable- especially the lady at the door. I swear they wait until the prime annoying moment to pounce...Anyway- welcome home! Things will settle down especially as you get into decorating! Sest wishes in your new place! Have a wonderful time at your dinner- that sounds very fun!

Michelle said…
Glad you got moved! Sorry you had a few problems but it seems typical doesn't it? How are your cats taking the adjustment. Mine are in heaven in our new place! I have something for you on my blog. Come and get it when you have the chance!
kayellen said…
Oh Elaine you poor thing!!!
I have had that happen...everything takes so much step forward...three steps back!You want to scream!
Wel.... this to shall what my Grandma always told me..and she was right:)
Soon everything will be installed and you and your kitties can get cozy and watch...It's a Wonderful Life or the Bishops Wife:)
Hang in there sweetie!!!
HeatherM said…
I love how you focus on the beautiful, simple things that give you pleasure instead of the negative chaos around you. A very good way of dealing with life!

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