A visit to Salem

I had another day off yesterday. The weather was perfect for a drive. I was looking for interesting shopping and brilliant foliage. I found both in Salem.

I love to go to Salem. The historic homes are beautiful and I love taking photos of their architecture, some of them are so ornate. Walking down the narrow little side streets, there's always something interesting that catches my eye. During my walk, I passed by the Witch House and it made me think. I really dislike the commercialization of the whole witch trial thing. This was serious history. Let's not trivialize it. I don't like seeing witch references everywhere around the city. Maybe the tourists like it, but I do not.

My favorite shop from my travels was Sophia's. This is a cool shop. The merchandise was gorgeously displayed. All my favorite things too, like soaps, candles, jewelry, hot chocolate, pretty signs, scarfs. Oh my goodness, a visual treat. The shop had tin ceilings and tin on parts of the walls. Fabulous! If I owned my own shop I would want it to look like this.

The owner was so nice. She let me take some photos of the store. To see more of the store
click here Sophias of Salem.

St Francis was surrounded by pretty nests, rabbits, and lots of nautral elements.

The shop is located in the childhood home of Sophia Peabody Hawthorne.
If this cabinet would have fit in my car I would have taken it home. Lots of interesting things
inside. I bought some of the hot chocolate, Mariebelle's. It's my favorite nowadays. It's more
like a European drinking chocolate- very rich intense chocolate flavor. I also bought some pretty signs for my new condo. One was a welcome sign, one had a cat on it. Such an elegant feel to this shop. If you're ever in Salem don't miss Sophia's.
After shopping, I needed refreshment. So across the street I went to the Hawthorne Hotel.
There is a fine dining restaurant called Nathaniel's but I opted for the tavern. I ordered the Ghoul Special of the Day-grilled steak tips, roasted potatoes and broccoli. It took quite a while before I could order and even longer for lunch to arrive. There was a TV at the bar and we
were all watching the Dow drop and drop and drop.
My neighbors at the next table started a conversation with me. They just bought a condo and I am about to do so we chatted about the housing market and the financial crisis. Terri and Charles live locally but not in Salem. Terri was hoping to retire from teaching next year.
Charles is a retired dentist. We enjoyed our lunches and I left to go back home.
I'm looking forward to displaying my new found treasures in the condo. Don't worry, there will be pictures.
I'm wondering about all of you. Got a favorite spot for interesting shopping? Leave a comment so we can all share.


Yarni Gras! said…
what a wonderful outing! I love Salem too.......
kayellen said…
Lovely tour of your trip to Salem.
Looks like a place i would like to visit:)

Anonymous said…
I've never been to Salem but it sounds like I'm really missing out! That store looks fabulous. So elegant and beautiful. I think one of my favorite stores is a place in Luckets, VA. It's an old barn that has been transformed into an elegant home decor boutique. My mom and I love it so much there, we decided last May to rent a space in the store and sell our things in there. It's been such a fun adventure. Every time I go in there to drop off some items I have finished, I end up leaving there with things I have purchased! You can see it at http://www.onawhimantiques.com.

Have a great evening!

Can't wait to see your goodies in your condo!

Sweet Sage said…
What a fun day! I love the cabinet, too ~ wOw!! Anxious to see photos of your new place. AND your next day off!
Take Care~
Janet said…
As you can tell I am reading thru your past posts, putting clues together> My Aunt lived in Stoneham many years ago. It was my first introduction to Boston when I visited her and my many cousins. I think I was 12 and I was so excited about Redstone Shopping Center. We had no such meccas in Vermont at the time. I remember it like it was yesterday, but in reality it was ...eeek...47 years ago! Scary, huh? We are planning a field trip to Salem, hubbie and I, this spring or summer. I don't believe I have ever explored there and am looking forward to it, though not all the witch references etc. I love to wander and look at architecture wherever I go.

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