Porches on Parade

I am participating in the Porches on Parade event with the Inspired Room blog so I went out
this weekend to take pictures of doorways and porches with Fall decorations. Since I am having some technical difficulties uploading the photos, I can only post two today.

The first one I liked because of the color scheme. The color of the home goes well with the decorations.

I liked the second one because it was simple and nature had given it all the decoration necessary.
Sometimes natural elemnts are the most beautiful. I find the leaves on the ground as photoworthy as the ones on the trees.
That's it for today. I'll post more tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful porches! Fall is such a pretty time of year. I LOVE your header photo too!

Have a wonderful day!

Erin ♥
Salmagundi said…
The color of the first porch is wonderful - so elegant! Looking forward to more porch pix!! Sally
Beth at Aunties said…
I am glad you posted! The first porch looks like someone took lots of care increating beauty for all those who pass by and the other looks to be created by Mother Nature herself in simple beauty.

Happy fall and I look forward to more!
Both are so pretty! I love seeing the leaves on the ground too. Especially when they are dry and crunchy and blowing around!

Happy fall! Thanks for posting your tour!

Teresa said…
Next year I will be putting stick in my topiary- Like in your first picture. I like that simple idea.
Thanks for sharing
Vee said…
I'm with you...I love the natural decorations the best.
Kim's Cottage said…
Both of them are very nice. And you're right. Mother Nature paints beautiful portraits for us all the time, including that one.


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