Fall Porch Drivebys

I'm continuing from where I left off yesterday. Let me share with you the fruits of my labor. It's a tough job trying to find beautiful doorways and porches to photograph. We know there is no beauty in New England in the Fall. Yeah, right! The tough job is selecting which houses to choose for there were hundreds to choose from. So here goes. This Stoneham porch is precious.
I loved the bench with the pumpkins but then I liked the steps too and the railng so I went for the wider shot.

I liked the seafoam color of this Winchester home. The featherlike thingies in the pots, and the arrangement of the fallen leaves made this one a winner in my book.

This one blew me away. Really, almost literally. The winds were kicking up by the Lake in
Wakefield. No ornamentation on the door but oh those leaves are fabulous!!!

Again, the leaves got me at hello. This side porch is so charming. I think I need a side porch!

This home is in Winchester, north of Boston.
The colors on this house are so different and very appealing. I once looked to buy a condo in this
house. You should see the inside. It is as glorious as the outside. I love the purple steps.

Alas, the tour has ended for the day. Don't worry, you're coming back tomorrow. Right?


Anonymous said…
Hello New England! Wonderful leafs everywhere. The fall has truly arrived here.
Salmagundi said…
I love the side porch with the leaves on the sidewalk. Of course, I'll be back tomorrow to see more of New England. Did you see my Blue Monday post about the summer blue of the ocean by Bar Harbor? Sally
Those are some pretty porches - I especially like the 1st one.
Oh, I'm jealous! My husband is from Boston and I wish we could get up there for the pretty color. It's still totally green here. Great porches!
kayellen said…
So sorry I missed the porch event looks like it was a lot fun:)
Your photos are lovely.
Makes me miss your fall inspiring state.

I really enjoyed your photos. We never see leaves like that on the West Coast. I love those colors, and the feel of fall, your pictures are just lovely!

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