Fall Porch Drivebys II

Just a few more front doors and porches. I like the cornstalks on this one.

I love the bright colors of the mums against the brown house. Of course the leaves make it
even more fall-like.

This porch is pretty so the spider isn't all that scary. But it is very cool.
More tomorrow I hope. I am in the middle of baking cranberry apple crisps for my charity bake sale so I may not get to post until Saturday. I will have to play it by ear.
In the meantime, if you haven't already done so, please look at the prior porch posts.


Salmagundi said…
Enjoyed more of your porch tour!! Have a great Fall day. Sally
Beth at Aunties said…
Your Fall Tour is so awesome!!!!
YOU are the one who snapped so many awesome photos! The wreath is so beautiful!
The cranberry apple crisps sound wonderful and so fallish. You will have to take a picture and post them! Do you share recipes?
Michelle said…
I love all of 'em! I especially like the one with the big spider web and the spider! :)

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