Three Day Weekend

Last week I worked seven days in a row. That's right, I am a banker without banker's hours. I worked my regular week plus I was the covering bank officer on Saturday and then the bank had a booth at the city's town day so I worked that on Sunday. By Thursday of this past week, I was a very cranky girl. So I decided to take Friday as a vacation day.

I know I shouldn't be spending money since I am buying a condo in about a month, but I figured one last splurge would be ok. I started out at the Burlington Coat Factory not sure if that's a national chain or not. Anyway, I decided to treat myself to some new bedding. I am going for an elegant yet comfortable look. I already bought a comforter set with golds and burgundys but when I got it I was disappointed. It was not as advertised. It was not soft at all and the colors weren't as vibrant as I expected. So at Burlington Coat Factory, I found a lovely comforter that looks like a crazy quilt with deep purple and lavender velvet squares. There's also some mocha and golds. It is sooo soft! It had two shams and a bed skirt with it too. Then I picked up two pillows that were embroidered and kind of a light irridescent gold that go beautifully with it. Can you believe the pillows were 2 for $14.99?

I scored on that one.

Then I went to my favorite Fall haunt. It is a beautiful property in a woodsy area and it's called the Whiffle Tree. There's a pond, a shed for spring water, a candle company and little country store. There's a covered bridge too. I always buy a New England Apple candle from them in the Fall. I was there too early in the season to see any spectacular foliage. That doesn't happen until around mid October. It was still beautiful and green.

Then I went to Barnes and Noble and bought my favorite magazines, Romantic Homes, Country Living, and Couutry Home. I read them in the cafe as I drank a pumpkin spice latte. Ideas for my new condo were swirling around my head. Crate and Barrel was just across the road so I went inside for some more inspiration. They had some cool little things I just had to have. A black wire cake stand, 2 kinds of tea (apple cider and white cinnamon), and some lovely autumn leaves that I plan to hang from the light over my dining room table.

Last night I went to see my rescued kitty at the home of his foster mom. Hang in there, Oscar, you'll be home with Mom soon. My creepy landlord won't let me take him in the building so Oscar is living about 20 miles from me right now. Anyway my sister accompanied me and we had a nice visit with the kitty.

Today, I went to a craft fair in Lexington with some friends. I vas amazed at the wonderful selection of goods being sold. I was careful not to spend too much there. I did pick up some homemade soaps, a small acorn pottery dish and some dark chocolate truffles and coffee caramels from a place called Chocolate Paradise. All low cost items. The picture at the top of this post is from the craft fair. I had my eye on the pillow on the top of the display. It would have gone well with my new bedding but it was $110.00! So I took a picture instead of buying the pillow. All of the woman's items were lovely and unique. What a talent!

Plans for the rest of my 3 day weekend? Well, I should do some cleaning and organizing for the move and some weeding out of items I don't want. Tomorrow church, breakfast, visit my mom,
watch the Patriots footballl game, and family dinner in the evening.

This weekend has been like a mini vacation. The weather has been perfect. 60 degrees and sunny. Sweater weather, just the way I like it. Come Monday I think I will not be so cranky
because I enjoyed myself thoroughly this weekend..

I hope you all take time out this weekend to rejuvenate. relax, and be inspired.


Salmagundi said…
What a great weekend for you!! I just know you must be getting excited for your move. Take care, Sally
Patti said…
Hi~ I saw your post on the Artsy Autumn Swap; it's my first swap too. I visited your blog- your name looked familiar I think from Shades of Inspiration; your blog is lovely! Your weekend sounded wonderful- I hope your upcoming week will be good. Take care~ Patti
Sweet Sage said…
Good Girl! 'Down-time' is one's best medicine.
As for the pumpkin spice latte .. well that's a sure cure for WHATEVER ails ya!
My Best ~ And thanks for stopping by ~
kayellen said…
OK I am going to layer like you suggested!

Thankyou for all your tips for my trip.


BTW...I love your new banner!!!
{oc cottage} said…
That sounds like perfection!! (BTW, your kitties are too cute!!).

M ^..^

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