A Home For Lane

I've been dreaming of owning a home for a while now. Every Sunday I attend at least 3 open houses and usually I come away disgusted and discouraged. In my price range, I've run into my share of fixer uppers and in some cases condos that should be condemned. This summer I made an offer on one house (a lovely cape in a good neighborhood) and one condo (newly upgraded). Both offers were rejected and both properties are still on the market. So I'd given up on home ownership.

I started looking at apartments. I need to move soon because I refuse to sign a lease where I presently live. You may recall from my Starting From Scratch post that I had been feeding a stray kitty. I met Oscar on Valentine's Day and I fell in love with him. In June, I rescued him but my landlord won't let me have a second cat so Oscar is living a very nice life with his foster family. His foster mother Diane treats him as I would. She absolutely loves him and is probably spoiling him. Our agreement was that she would keep Oscar at her home for up to 3 months. So I need to move fast-literally. Unfortunately I put the cat before the house.

Today, I called about an apartment. It sounded fantastic and when I saw it I really loved it.
It had hardwood floors, built in china cabinets, a fireplace, french doors in two rooms, and
storage space. The rent was reasonable. The landlord seemed nice. I took an application
to be considered for this rental.

Would you believe this evening I received a call from the condo owner of the unit I made an offer on? He had his condo under agreement but this week the deal fell through. So he is lowering the price by $20K and he wanted to know if I would be interested. You would think I would jump at the chance to own. This unit has everything I want. But I was planning on renting something about $200 more than what I pay at present. This condo would be about $700 more per month.

I know what you're thinking. If you rent you throw money out the window. Here's my take,
happiness comes first. I want to have a life. I like to travel, eat out, etc. and most likely I will be paying the mortgage for 30 years. There's no getting out of that or at least no easy way to get out of it. So there's my dilemma.

I need to decide soon, rent or buy. Either way, Oscar will have a new home and he will join
my cat Molly and me very soon.

Just for fun, I am posting some photos of my dream homes, the ones I won't be buying.


Sweet Sage said…
I vote for happiness! And the (potential) new apartment sounds perfectly CHARMING! Bless you for taking in the 'Outdoor Kitty', Oscar. I hope he and Molly will be friends for life. I currently care for 4 'strays' (like they're ever leaving?! right.) and 2 wanna-be-adoptees, carport kitty and front porch kitty. Ooooh, they can sure tug at your heart.
Thanks so much for stopping by. Wasn't aware of your blog till now, my Flickr Friend! Love it!
kayellen said…
I second that motion of voting for happiness:)
What fits your life and your critters lives!
You will always here pros and cons for either way...You need to do whats right for your lifestyle...

Thankyou for all the travel tips,

Hugs to you and your kitties!

Cindy said…
I understand this totally! I could rent a nicer place for more money or have more money for fun. It's too stressful being strapped down every month with huge mortgage or rent!

I'm going to add your blog to my favorite list!

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