Autumn Days

As I mentioned in a prior post, I love Autumn. It is my favorite time of year. So I decided a lunchtime photoshoot was in order. I needed to document the beauty of the season.

Peak foliage does not usually hit the Boston area until Columbus Day weekend. So I was surprised to see such early color. These photos were taken in Melrose, Massachusetts not too far from where I work.

Earlier in the day, I passed by these trees on the way to work. In addition to the beauty of the trees, I noticed 7 turkeys nearby. We are not in the country so 7 turkeys congregated in one place is something to get excited about.

So on my lunch, I went back for a turkey shoot (don't get excited, I mean shoot with a camera)
and the turkeys must have been having lunch too because they were nowhere to be found.
But the trees were there in all their glory so I started snapping away. Personally, I prefer a little green to contrast with the reds, oranges, and yellows on the trees.

Soon after I shot these photos a rainstorm swept through the area. Surprisingly the leaves stayed on the trees! Isn't nature wonderful?


kayellen said…
Hi Elaine!
We are so thrilled with the Big city!
Boston is sooo pretty!
I could spend two weeks wondering around.... if I had the time:)
Loved walking the freedom trail and wondering around the gardens.
I wish I could live in Beacon Hill.
Really charming.
We had the sunshine peek threw each day. I even got sunburned yesterday!
Thankyou for all your tips.
Flying home tonight
Salmagundi said…
Sorry you missed the turkeys, but enjoyed your Fall color shots. Have a good week! Sally
Sweet Sage said…
Sights we don't see here in Phoenix. And did you say rain?! Nope, none of that either!
ENJOY, my friend!!
Patti said…
Hi Elaine! Your pictures are pretty! The leaves out your way are gorgeous. They haven't really started turning too much in Chicago. Enjoy fall!


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