This made me SEE RED

My second day of participation in Sara Duckett's Seeing Red event. I took my camera with me today and although I had to work, I kept my eyes peeled for something interesting in the color
red. There were, of course, plenty of American flags displayed and geraniums in pots and in
gardens. Nothing really struck me.
Then I was driving back to work from lunch and I saw something that really made me SEE RED.
Yes, gas is just a shade under the $4 mark where I live. So although I looked for something beautiful in red, this is what caught my eye. I wa stopped at a red light and I snapped the photo.
Then I thought this is really the literal meaning of seeing red, right?
So forgive me the negativity just this once. Tomrrow's another day and I will surely find something more positive in red.


Bet said…
Clever interpretation of the phrase. I agree! Although gas prices here in South Carolina aren't quite as bad as yours. I filled up a few days ago for $3.70 a gallon.
Lori said…
well, i only have to fill up about once every 3 to 4 i really making you see red now? well lucky me the place i work is about a mile down the street..DH however MORE that makes up for my puny gas yes, the price of gas makes me see red too:)
Laume said…
Not negative, just.... sigh... it just is and that's frustrating. You did good, even the sign was red. At least you're under $4. We're up to something like $4.23 everywhere in town.

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