Seeing Red on Wednesday

Day 3 of Sara Duckett's Seeing Red Event and I went to my last year's photos for some Red. I hope this passes for Red, or maybe hot pink. Last year, my friend Kim and I hosted an Illumination Night party at her home. We tried to duplicate the Illumination Night they have every August on Martha's Vineyard. Gothic cottages on the Oak Bluffs side of the island are decorated with paper lanterns. First there is a band concert, then at 9:00PM all the cottages surrounding the bandstand flick on their lights and voila, the illumination begins! It is breathtaking! So Kim owns a beautiful victorian with a great porch and we hung paper lanterns all over it. I have to say our partygoers were impressed. Five years ago, I took my sister for her birthday to see the real Illumination. This August I'll go back to the Vineyard to see it again. If you ever get the chance to visit Martha's Vineyard, check out the gingerbread cottages in Oak Bluffs. You'll love it!


Anonymous said…
Ohh! Very inspiring!
kayellen said…
Love all the charming:)


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