Looking for Something in Red

I woke up late for work, I hate when that happens. Rushed around to get ready, out the door and then of course just as I was about to drive across the railroad tracks, the warning lights flashed red and the bar came down and I was stuck waiting for the train to pass. Since I was momentarily seeing red, I grabbed the camera and snapped this photo for the Seeing Red event.

Later on, since the day did not start well, I treated myself to a Starbucks Passion Fruit Iced Tea. It looked red to
me as I placed it on my desk when I got back to the office.
Again I reached for the camera and took a picture. I am in the photo in the background. And that's my sister, a friend, and my friend's mother who, by the way, is a second mother to me. She calls us her "Irish Daughters".
Today was a minimally red day. Perhaps tomorrow I will find something wonderful in Red.


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