Last Day of Seeing Red

It's the last day of the Seeing Red event. I actually took these photos yesterday at my visit to Wilson Farms in Lexington. It was sooo hot.
90 + degrees. The poor radishes had to be iced.
They were outdoors under a tent. The cherry peppers had a better spot, inside the market.

Anyway, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed seeing red this past week and I look forward to new photographic adventures for the Shades of Inspiration event. Click on the button to the left to see what it's all about. Rumor has it we'll all
go green next week. Here in Boston we're all going Green- for the Celtics! Let's go Celtics!!

Until next week, stay cool!


HeatherM said…
I've been going back to the beginning of your blog and enjoying every word. I love this Seeing Red section, the way you've combined the color with emotions with the anger at the gas sign, the frustration of the train, and Molly being caught "red-handed"! You're a wonderful writer, and your creativity has made my weekend mornings very pleasant - it's like getting a new Victoria each week!

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