It's my Birthday!

Today is my birthday. A big one because it ends with a zero. I am sharing my celebration with my dad since it's also Father's Day. In fact, all those years ago I was born on Father's Day.

A few friends will be over in a while for cake but my big party is next weekend. So today is really just the pre-birthday.

I was in a party mood last night. I recently purchased some paper lanterns with a gift certificate from Victorian Trading Company (a gift from my sister) and I decided to hang them on my balcony. I bought a set of three but I only hung two of them. Believe me, it was plenty bright with just the two of them. I do not need anymore paper lanterns. If you read my post about illumination night, you will see why I make this statement. But these vintage look lanterns are fabulous. I love the muted colors and the floral patterns. They are perfect for summer parties. I might even hang them in my bedroom when the summer is over.

Anyway, I'm off for my pre-birthday cake and then to watch the Lakers get crushed by the Celtics. Oh, and in case you're wondering, no I don't feel any older!


kayellen said…
Happy Birthday!!
Hope you had a wonderful day.

Nice to meet you:)
Saw your flickr intro..thought I would say hello.

suesueb said…
happy birthday! i found your blog going thru the comments from shades of inspiration. love your photography. even though i'm not great at photos, i was inspired by sara's challenges. i even started my own blog too. now my challenge is to get readers. i hope you can visit me soon and maybe leave tips on good photography! thanks, suesue
Muriel said…
I'm late!!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

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