I'm Seeing Red

I'm participating in Sara Duckett's I'm Seeing Red week. She wants everyone to post a picture
containing the color red. I didn't realize how partial I am to pastels and I had to really look through my photos to find one containing red. So here it is I'm Seeing Red in Philadelphia.

I snapped this photo during a business trip to the City of Brotherly Love this past April. The name of the street escapes me. Was it Spruce or Pine? I wish I could remember. It kind of reminds of Boston's own Beacon Hill perhaps that's why I was drawn to it. Anyway, it captured my attention.

I'm off to search for more red for tomorrow's post.


This red door reminds me of something my Mom would do as she has always been really bold. I am looking through my photos for a something red too. Thanks for visiting my poor little blog and leaving a comment. I love to make new friends.
I always love a red door... Jen R
Bet said…
I love the red door too! It definitely attracts one's attention.
Anonymous said…
Love the red door and shutters!

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