Go Green

Well I was sending out my positive energy but it did not get through to the Celtics as they lost tonight. Perhaps the energy got stuck in the thick humid air hanging over Boston tonight.
Or maybe it's because mercury is retrograde and it is wreaking havoc on all communications.
I did not get a chance to shoot any new stuff so I searched through old photos for green. The cow photo was taken last June. I took a garden tour of homes in Concord, Massachusetts and across the street from one of the gardens I spied these cows. They were so sweet I just had to photograph them. The second was taken at Stonewall KItchens in York,Maine. There is
a great garden outside the shop and they had a display of "hay people". This one reminds me of the people in the thriller video!
Anyway, I hope they make you smile.


kayellen said…
Molly is darling! Hows the new kitty doing? the talker I saw on flickr.

Just wanted you to know...I am adding you to my friend blog roll.

Have a great week!


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