Caught Red Handed!

I went to Wilson Farms today and I stocked up on fruit. I love all the berries of summer. When I saw how truly red my big, beautiful strawberries were, I decided they would have to go on today's Seeing Red post. I set the strawberries on a bed of blackberries in my new white Cafe Au Lait bowl. The bowl is stark white and I thought the red would contrast nicely. I brought the bowl out to the balcony to my little bistro table along with my oh so french tea towel and I set up the still life.

I tested a few shots. Should I use the flash or not? Then suddenly my curious kitty Molly decided to get in on the act. She ate one of the beautiful long stems off the strawberries! I should not be surprised. Molly will eat ANYTHING! Rats, I was planning on dipping those berries in chocolate later!

Anyway, I caught her Red Handed and I have the photos to prove it!


kayellen said…
cute kitty!!


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