Kennebunkport Day Trip

About a week ago, I took a day trip to Kennebunkport, Maine. The weather was perfect, sunny and in the 70's. I think there were about 14 of us in the group. Some people got there early and walked the beach. My carpool arrived in time for lunch. We ate lobster salad at Arundel Wharf, shopped a bit, and admired the beautiful scenery. Then it was on to the English Meadows Inn for a cream tea. The tea, scones, and desserts were delicious. I wished I had booked a room for the weekend as the living room sofa looked so comfy. It would have been heaven to curl up with one of the many books I want to read but never find the time for. Anyway, about the tea. I am a "tea expert"or at least I think I am. Eleven years ago, I joined an afternoon tea group and I've experienced the pleasures of tea all around New England. More about my tea group adventures in future posts.

I've posted a few shots of the area. I am never without my camera. You never know when you might stumble upon something or someone "photoworthy".


Anonymous said…
tea is fabulous.
I wish I had been on your trip. I love to travel although the past several years I've been unable to do much of it, but I am at the beginning of a fresh new start so that will be one of my goals. I also just love, love, love tea. My great-grandmother started me drinking tea as a very little girl as she drank her coffee. I am happy to meet a tea connisuer(?) because I would love to learn more about tea. It definitely comforts me and decaf isn't the same although I don't feel that tea keeps me awake as I drink a cup before bed too.
Anonymous said…

My name is Jocelyn and I am with Dwellable. I am looking for fun and authentic blogs about Kennebunkport and yours happened to catch my eye. If you’re open to it, shoot me an e-mail at jocelyn(at)dwellable(dot)com.

Hope to hear from you soon!
- Jocelyn

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