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2020 Hindsight- Part Two

Hello. I'm back again with Part Two of my 2020 year in review starting with July. We had no 4th of July fireworks. I celebrated with a new mask for Summer and a new hair color. My hair is going white and my hairstylist Jean and I decided that I should not go with permanent hair color anymore. I have her put semi permanent color on my hair and the grow out will be more subtle.  It was a great month for the garden. My Asiatic lilies grew tall and fragrant. My condo neighbor said he loved the big tall, spiney flowers. At least, he noticed. I fought for more patio time, difficult with four units sharing one small patio space. I only went out when I could be alone. Early afternoon was the best time. I was working from home so it worked well. My sister got lobster rolls one day and gave me one. Who knew a Stop & Shop lobster roll could taste so good? Chippy made frequent visits. I never fed him but I think he lived in hope.  Another view of the garden. I had my best year with the hyd

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