How will you celebrate America?

Today is Independence Day, a day for celebration of our country in the USA. Will you celebrate on land or sea? With fireworks? Parades? Cookouts or historical reenactments? Will your celebration include family or friends? Music or quiet pursuits?

However, you choose to spend your day. Be thankful for your freedom, your country and the people you love.  Happy Fourth of July!


YarnyDragonfly said…
Happy 4th! I watched the fireworks from a friend's driveway. Really like your photo collage. Happy summer-ing!
I've missed so many of your posts, Elaine, but I do love following you on IG. A little redundant to share the 4th!! How did you celebrate Labor Day, and what are your plans for fall events? I bet there are many festivals in the East!

Jane x
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