Friday, June 26, 2015

Sailing off into the Sunset


Last weekend was jam packed with activities for me. I had something going on every day. A sunset lighthouse cruise was the perfect way to kick off my weekend.

My sister and 3 friends joined me for the evening. We were blessed with perfect cruising weather.  Not too hot and not too cold and not too windy. I wisely dressed in layers. Last year I was very cold at the end of the evening.

We were to see 3 lighthouses on this cruise. The first one was White Island Lighthouse.

This lighthouse is located on White Island, the southernmost of the Isles of Shoals. The public is not allowed to visit the lighthouse so you can only see it via boat.

I made a friend on the boat. She was on vacation in New England and very excited to be on the cruise.

Oh I love those ripples in the water from the boat's wake and the sound is music to my ears. Notice the sky, it is starting to turn to my favorite colors. Lavenders and pinks against a luscious blue. Heaven!

 We approached my favorite lighthouse when the sky was showing it's pastel perfection. The color is fleeting so you have to focus and take it all in quickly.
This is Whaleback Lighthouse. It is made of granite.

The last lighthouse was Portsmouth Harbor Light. This one was cool because the beacon was green. At this point the lavender and pink colors morphed ever so gently into orange hues.

I was playing with the settings on the camera as the boat turned. Our guide was a photographer so he had the captain change the boat's position and we were able to get shots from different angles of the lighthouse.

It was getting much darker now but luckily that green light shone brightly.

I was fascinated with the clouds. You know you need clouds for a perfect sunset.

The moon was beautiful and there was a convergence between Jupiter, Venus and the Moon. I was not able to get a good shot but believe me, it was spectacular! I heard that the peak evening to see the convergence is June 30th so mark your calendar. I will be in Rockport that evening so fingers crossed it is a clear night!

Everyone had a great time. We picnicked on the boat, had wine and then coffee and made plans for our next adventure!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015

Every Summer I make a Bucket List of fun things I want to do. Since today is my birthday and Summer is just days away I should probably reveal my list.

I never complete the entire list but that's ok. Some years the list has been ambitious.  This year I am going to cheat a bit. There will be items on the list that I have already scheduled and there are some repeats of previous years. Call them Summer traditions. So without further ado, my Summer Bucket List for 2015.

1.  Trip to Kennebunkport, ME- my birthday plans for a daytrip to Kennebunkport were cxld due to rain. Done, sort of went to York, Maine twice.
2.  Attend the Lantern Festival in Jamaica Plain, MA. Done in Newburyport.
3.  Sunset lighthouse cruise from Rye, NH. Done.
4.  Antiquing in Exeter, NH and having a German Iced Coffee.
5.  Attend Waterfire in Providence, RI- what Summer is complete without a trip to Waterfire?
6.  See a fireworks display- Wakefield, Boston? Not sure where yet. Done.Wakefield and Rockport
7.  Attend the Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury, MA. Saturday 9/26
8.  Take the boat from Boston to Provincetown- check out the dune tour.  No.
9.  Attend Rockport Coastal Garden Tour. Missed it!
10. Daytrip to Wickford, RI- had hoped to visit this Spring, will try again this Summer. Newport instead.

There you have it. My 2015 Summer Bucket List. Anything sound good to you? What are your Summer plans?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The mystery daytrip

So did you figure out where I went? It was someplace I have not blogged about at CafĂ© Chatelaine.  Was it Paris? Honestly, I would have had to take the Concorde for that.

Or maybe it was London. Maybe I spent time cruising down the Thames.

Or at a cute little pub with flowers outside on the lightpost?
No, it's not likely. Boston, Massachusetts is a little too far from England for a daytrip.

I went to Newport, Rhode Island! Honestly I have not been to Newport since 1984. Newport is less than 90 minutes from Boston so it is an easy daytrip. Count Robot, your guess was correct! You won a prize.

My sister was doing a live event painting at a wedding in Newport so she was going down there for the weekend. I decided to join her for the day.

We had afternoon tea at the Viking Hotel. The Hotel was very elegant and had a nice location.

 We looked in all the shops downtown and on the waterfront.

And took a coffee break later in the day when we met up with my sister's friend Barbara.

I have never seen a balcony in a Starbuck's!

At one of the shops, we met the resident kitty. His name was Bum.

We decided to eat at The Mooring which was right on the waterfront. We sat on a covered deck and Barbara needed her sunglasses.

We split a bag of doughnuts. That's what it was called. The doughnuts were made of shrimp, cod and lobster. Delicious!

After dinner, we saw a beautiful sunset down by the dock.

It was so peaceful at the waterfront. I love the sound of boats bobbing up and down.

We passed by an arcade and I challenged the ladies to a round of skeeball. I love to play skeeball. It takes me back to vacations at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.  Anyway, my sister won. See her great form?

We cashed in our tickets and I got two rhinestones and three plastic frogs. My sister got a bracelet since she had more tickets.

The day was not long enough. I had to go home and feed my kitties.  I am just going to have to return and do a bit more exploring.



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