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A Saturday in Harvard Square

Nearly two weeks ago, snow fatigue was setting in. I decided I wanted to have a fun day before the next storm hit. I told my sister we needed to go to Burdick's in Harvard Square for a hot chocolate.

We had wanted to go there around Christmastime but it did not happen. So I was determined to get my Burdick's hot chocolate before the Winter season was over. She did not need much urging.

Yes, it is a little crazy to travel miles out of your way for hot chocolate but as you can see Burdick's is a busy spot so it must be worth the trip. We were lucky to get a table!

I pictured this man as a professor type on a short break from teaching something scholarly at Harvard University. And I even got in this shot, unintentionally. Good thing I dressed well!

Ooh, I love these cups. They are for larger sized drinks. I would not recommend this size for Burdick's hot chocolate as the drink is very rich plus you want a little something to eat too. Don't you?

So here's the much…

The Long Goodbye

I am writing the blog post I have been dreading. Dreading it even though it has been 10 years in the making.

My Mother passed away on January 19th, 2015. She left us peacefully with my Dad at her side, exactly where he had been for their 63 years of marriage. He was not scheduled to visit her at her nursing home until that night as my sister and I were going to visit Mum on that particular Monday afternoon. But, he put his coat on that morning and told my sister he was going to see her. I got the call from my sister an hour later that she was gone. A friend told me my Dad knew because their hearts were talking to each other. I believe that is true.

In February 2004, my Mother had a massive stroke that robbed her of her speech and left her partially paralyzed. I often wondered why God let her survive so many years in a nursing home. Surely it would have been kinder to let her go to heaven immediately after the stroke. For me, the long goodbye was kinder.

We spent countless hours with …