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Canvasing the Room

It's been a while since I shamelessly plugged my sister's live event painting business. I do not think I posted this one yet.  Here is the overview of the painting. For those of you new to my blog, my sister is an artist. One of her many talents is painting the goings on of an event in real time. Well, she starts the painting at the event and then completes it at her studio. Weddings are the most popular events but she is available to do birthday parties and anniversaries or really any celebration. A closer view. Now you can see the expressions on some of the guests.

It is important to find out who will be the most prominent in the painting.
A closer look at the bride and groom. Some of the guests will forever attend this wedding. Immortalized on canvas. Live event painting is becoming more popular and my sister has had some good press lately. She was on the show Chronicle in Boston. The segment was called Who Knew? And she was featured in a nice article by the Boston Globe. …

Cozy night

It is a cold night, 19 degrees outside. This is not entirely unexpected for January in New England.

I came home after a Chamber of Commerce networking event this evening and I could not wait to get into my PJs. Time to get cozy with a hot chocolate and whipped cream, a little candlelight and the electric fireplace on.

The three kitties and I are hunkered down. Not going out again tonight. A little TV and computer time and then it's off to bed. Molly is so ready for bedtime.  Good night all, stay warm!

Ringing in the New

I hope you all had a great New Year's and you rang in 2015 with your loved ones. We are party animals here at Café Chatelaine. Molly partied like an animal New Year's Eve.

And then woke up in the sink the next day. She does not know how she got there. Could her brothers have played a prank on her?

On New Year's Day, Percy helped me take down the Christmas decorations.

And we decorated the dining room mantel for New Year's. We had a few antique pocket watches and some clock faces and that was enough.

After we finished with the decorations, Vivienne sauntered in. All lit up from the previous night's partying. Who knows what she got herself into.
Yes, we are definitely party animals here at Café Chatelaine.