Friday, August 22, 2014

Boston Ballet in the Park

When I read on Facebook that the Boston Ballet was doing a photo shoot at the Boston Public Garden, I knew where I would be spending my Thursday afternoon.

Once again I took public transportation into the city and I am glad I did. The ride in was smooth on the Orange and Green lines of the T. I was quite a bit early for the event.

Some people had already staked out their spots. This group had a picnic. The girl in the white pants was passing out masks which promoted the upcoming Black Swan production of the Boston Ballet.

It was white on one side and black on the reverse. The kids loved them. I wore mine too, briefly.

Again, the weather was perfect as it had been all week. The swan boats were fully employed as there were many tourists enjoying the Public Garden on this day.

After posing a bit on the other side of the lagoon, the dancers took a little ride on the Swan Boat. Their costumes were unbelievably gorgeous.

And the dancers were unbelievably gorgeous! What a setting for a photo shoot! It was an enchanting scene.

I was smiling from ear to ear as I snapped away at this magic. I am so fortunate to have noticed the post on Facebook.

The dancers changed poses every now and then. They have to be actors as well as dancers.

The boat moved slowly so everyone could get a good look.

The boat headed under the bridge as people were lined up on all sides of the water and on the bridge.

I met a woman named Alicia and we talked a bit about photography and living in Boston. She is from Texas originally and stayed in Boston after college.  Alicia and I decided to go up on the bridge when we saw the Ballet Company heading that way. We were hoping to get closer to the dancers as Alicia did not have a telephoto lens.

I got a closer look at the costumes but had to fight to get my shots. A crush of spectators had developed.

The male lead's jacket was spectacular. The handiwork was incredible as were all the costumes.

The swans were so lovely. The sun illuminated their skirts and you could really see the feathers in their headbands.

The male dancer had the most beautiful blue eyes and dimples. He was adorable.

Here's a better look at that fabulous jacket with all the embroidery or needlework.

The ballerinas exited the bridge and lined up for another photo. I loved the snow boots which were put on almost immediately once they left the bridge.

I think this must be a head shot because the first dancer left her boots on during the shoot.

Aren't the costumes absolutely gorgeous?  I think the publicity is working, now I want to see the  Swan Lake ballet.

A woman asked if the dancers would pose for photos with the public and she was told no. There would not be time. I guess no one told the dancers.

 All the dancers were very gracious to the public.  They posed for many photos.

There were many little ballerinas in the making at the event.

I am so glad I crossed to this side of the water. I would not have had an opportunity to see the ballerinas up close.

All of a sudden the male lead lifted the female lead over his head. The other swans got in place. I wasn't sure if I had the right camera settings on the "big" camera so.....

I grabbed my phone and took this shot knowing I could correct the color in Instagram.

Even the dancers were taking photos of each other!

Again, people kept walking into my shot as I am sure I did to their shots.

No more dance, it looks like it is over. The shoes are off and soon the costumes will be tucked away until dress rehearsal.

The other dancers continued to pose for photos. They were so accommodating. I was impressed. They represented the Boston Ballet well.

The costumes were put in their bag for transport. I was thinking of leaving and getting a jump start when I ran into a woman named Suzanne. We started talking and realized we had some things in common. We both came into the city just to see the ballet and she was wearing a Patriots t-shirt.
Yes, I often talk to perfect strangers. It is the salesperson in me.

I was showing Suzanne my photos and we both decided we did not want to get stuck in rush hour traffic. I told her I was going to get a coffee and asked if she wanted to join me. She said she would. Her car at overheated on the way in and she did not want to get stuck on the Mass Pike in rush hour traffic.

We went to a café I had seen on the way to the Public Garden, Parish Café. It had outdoor seating. We got a table right away and Suzanne said she wanted something to eat as well. We both got the white chocolate bread pudding. It was huge. We should have split one but oh well.

I told Suzanne about my bucket list and I mentioned a carousel. She said there was one in the park so we walked to it and she took a ride. I left her at the free yoga in the park and I took one last look at the flowers in the garden and the swan boats. The park was peaceful and beautiful as the sun was setting.

What a wonderful day it was! Ballet in the park, perfect weather, a new friend, yummy dessert, and swans. It doesn't get better than that!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tourist in my own town- a trip to Quincy Market Boston

The vacation continues and I decided it would be fun to be a tourist in my own town. On Saturday, I took a trip to Quincy Market in Boston. Actually I live just north of Boston but I still call Boston my home.

I took the subway into the city, we call our public transport the T.  It was a great place to people watch. The young woman sitting across from me had a huge bag from the Gingerbread Construction Company, a muffin shop just 5 minutes from my home. The two couples next to me and across the aisle were taking photos of each other. The two young women had numerous visible tattoos but their boyfriends did not. An overweight boy wore a T shirt that stated body by corned beef. Just about 5 stops later  I was at the Haymarket station and within a stone's throw of Quincy Market.

Street performers are on every corner around the Market. The first group was very entertaining. These guys should try out for Cirque de Soleil. Amazing dancers and jumpers. They liked audience participation for sure as they pulled people from the crowd into the performance. This boy did not know what he was getting into.

As you can see, this guy jumped right over his head! It was very impressive.

Then they lined up 6 people and one of the performers was to jump over all of them.

These are the crazy volunteers.
And of course someone moved right in front of me. You can see that he did actually jump over everyone. Amazing!
This guy was trying to drum up business for a walking tour. Freedom Trail perhaps?
The weather was perfect. Not humid or too warm so everyone was out on this Saturday afternoon.
The balloon man did a fantastic business.
Bob at Large juggled while balancing on cylinders.

I started looking for people to photograph for a post about Quincy Market chic. What does make one chic anyway? In my book, it's people who stand out from the crowd.

These people are casual chic.
For the younger set, it's an outfit and hat that coordinates.
Quincy Market chic is a dress that matches your handbag paired with a cool necklace.
Back to the performers, this kilted man balanced a unicycle and a bagpipe on his face.

This man makes tips as a living statue. He gave out fortunes.

A smiling girl played with her group. Clearly, she enjoyed performing for the crowd.
Yes, this young boy was playing the piano without looking at it. Can you see that his head is under the piano?

He is upright here.

Onto the food, junk food abounded. You can get anything here. Fried dough?

 Lobster rolls?

Fruity drinks from the Monkey Bar?
Ice cream for four?
You can eat inside at one of the many restaurants or outside.
Such a nice day for dining al fresco!

I left Quincy Market and headed back to the T station. Haymarket was in full swing on this Saturday afternoon. I bought a container each of blackberries and strawberries and the total cost was $2.00!

Time to go home. It's great to be a tourist in your own town. I might have to do it again sometime.



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